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What's everyone getting for the 50% Off appreciation Sale!?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by LGIreland, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. Reploid

    Reploid New Member

    Yea, I was also looking to get a Razer BlackWidow Chroma since my 8 year old keyboard's finally dying but we'll see if I can get one during the remedial sale, by the time I could access the store everything was sold out!
  2. CrusaderWelora

    CrusaderWelora New Member

    I got a Razer Naga. Wanted a mousepad too but if I added it to the cart it would take off my code. Oh well some other time.
  3. Serracen

    Serracen New Member

    I wanted to get the Orochi. But it's not looking like I'll be able to for a while... :slightly_sad:
  4. XxNostalgicxX

    XxNostalgicxX New Member

    so since everything g except small gear is sold out, if I buy say a mouse pad to at least take advantage of the sale, do I lose the chance to be a part of the remedial sale? or is it only for Insiders who at 5:59pm PST today still haven't purchased anything? I waited until the very second it started last night and I actually would've gotten my purchase through (I was getting a Leviathan), had the code been working. I was really upset... super glad they're making it right though. Go Razer!
  5. xXBassMan57Xx

    xXBassMan57Xx New Member

    I'm really interested in the Nabu X. I never heard about it until yesterday when my brother told me about the sale!
  6. Draxov

    Draxov Member

    From what Min was posting it looks like if you use your code now, you cant use it later.
  7. XxNostalgicxX

    XxNostalgicxX New Member

    That's what I thought. I really didn't want to make the huge mistake of wasting that discount, but I also didn't want to let the sale pass by since I stalked it opening minute just to get something, might as well get something! hahahaha.

    glad I didn't end up getting whatever then. if anyone else can confirm/deny this is true that's be awesome. I'd love to know a for sure answer if anyone knows. I'll remain patient and try to get my Leviathan like I originally intended >:D
  8. insightVoltpoly017

    insightVoltpoly017 New Member

    Correct. You don't get two codes to use on two separate items. If you want something that is in-stock now, buy it now.

    If you want to take your chances at the remedial sale...wait. But don't think it's not going to go down just as this sale did...you'll still be rolling the dice.
    Draxov likes this.
  9. XxNostalgicxX

    XxNostalgicxX New Member

    I'll roll the dice. a mousepad isn't worth it. plus, I can 98% guarantee at least 1 mousepad will be in stock... I know their inventory is now low, but it's not THAT low
    Draxov likes this.
  10. Draxov

    Draxov Member

    Im going to take my chances as well. I wanted a new keyboard so im content to wait to see if either of the Chroma ones are back in stock or even the Ultimate. My current keyboard/mouse combo works so I could go with something else later on if they run out again. This is more of a want rather than a need :)
  11. Twinkyz

    Twinkyz New Member

    Oroboros! for me! best thing to use the coupon on
  12. randomwall

    randomwall New Member

    I wanted to get the tactical backpack but it was out of stock, but hopefully it is in stock for the remedial sale.
  13. smokingace808

    smokingace808 New Member

    All i need is a mouse and I will have a complete chroma set. I have kraken 7.1, and chroma widow. If only the naga was out
  14. AxelCloris

    AxelCloris New Member

    I'd love to answer that I'm getting the new Blade but I'm actually only getting a keyboard.
  15. Got the Blackwidow Chroma Stealth, works really good. Wish I can get the Deathadder Chroma 50% of though...
  16. Zhuril

    Zhuril New Member

    I would love to get one of the chroma Black Widows
  17. Fuchsiaautodome003

    Fuchsiaautodome003 New Member

    I definitely jumped the gun late and missed out on all the cool things. Regardless I'm more than satisfied with my newly purchased classic deathadder. It'll be a nice upgrade to the once I'm using now.
  18. Gh0stid3r

    Gh0stid3r New Member

    unfortunately nothing - product code didnt work. at first i thought it was just out of stock (i so wanted the chroma) so then i moved on to the blackwidow ulitmate classic and again code didnt work. By the time i read about the codes being backwards both were sold out :slightly_sad: i do hope i get one of the two during the remedy sale but i would be ok if i dont. razer is under no obligation to do that , so the fact that they did is amazing.
  19. Ronaele05

    Ronaele05 New Member

    I just want to get a naga epic chroma!!! Hopefully round 2 I'll see it in stock!
  20. Blah I didn't realize I was on the hubby's account....but yea new mouse would be nice.
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