What's In Your Bag? | IIJeriichoII Edition

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by RazerGwynbleidd, Mar 13, 2017.

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  1. ShenanMark42

    ShenanMark42 New Member

    I think I can win this..
    Wildcat is mine..
    I am a best Razer fan "bmgamecmj"..
  2. Dr_utorrent

    Dr_utorrent New Member

    Good luck all!
  3. GLasgowKiD

    GLasgowKiD New Member

    I am always entering Razer Contests and Giveaways. Hope it's my time this time :)

    Goodluck Everyone!
  4. Interesting backpack, but isn't it hard in terms of SEO with such a name?
  5. westonwl

    westonwl New Member

    Ive wanted to try a razer controller since i found the brand i just havent got the chance. Pretty exciting even having a chance of getting one
  6. wow i need this!
  7. iEvilWiz

    iEvilWiz New Member

    Good luck all ||||
  8. Zerixor

    Zerixor New Member

    I hope i win this giveaway even if i don't have a xbox.
    Good luck everybody!:)
  9. MakoBunki

    MakoBunki New Member

    Good luck to all! Would love to win a backpack xD
    Even tho they are not in this giveaway ;-;
  10. mrsun87

    mrsun87 Active Member

    It exists. One got confiscated at the airport which Min was carrying and he got a new one.
  11. PWNAGE1000

    PWNAGE1000 New Member

    One for me too right, thanks and good luck to everyone who has joined the contest. May the game be forever in your favor.
  12. VengefulAncient

    VengefulAncient New Member

    Entered, of course, but... shouldn't the February winners be announced by now?
  13. Hawk_gaming712

    Hawk_gaming712 New Member

    I love watching jericho And Good Luck Guys!
  14. iStinger

    iStinger Active Member

    Good luck everyone!
  15. markieg

    markieg Active Member

    All good but not sure about the wii...
  16. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    Oh. man, I could really use a wildcat. My current Xbox controller is crap. I have a cheap Afterglow AX.1, wouldnt mind an upgrade!
  17. Tiranitar

    Tiranitar New Member

    all what you need for gaming while traveling :cool:
  18. lolcheese987

    lolcheese987 Member

    good luck guys
  19. Yacapla990

    Yacapla990 New Member

    la wildcat est vraiment une manette de dingues
  20. TopazGnome

    TopazGnome New Member

    i hope i win, but good luck to you all!
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