What's In Your Bag? | IIJeriichoII Edition

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Deleted member 368765, Mar 13, 2017.

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  1. MrPalo1994

    MrPalo1994 New Member

    First time I've actually entered a Razer contest! GL to everyone!
  2. Thannis86

    Thannis86 Active Member

    I carry around my Dell Inspiron laptop, Kraken's, Mamba 2012 version, my charger and my phone. I really don't need much else besides the occasional college work
  3. Capicavara

    Capicavara New Member

    good luck, and thx :D
  4. Temskron

    Temskron New Member

    Love those giveaways!
  5. Mehcko

    Mehcko Member

    I wish everyone the best of luck.
  6. xLarrikin

    xLarrikin New Member

    Ill give it a go ;P
  7. mhickatosh19

    mhickatosh19 New Member

    Do a pewdiepie Q&A please
  8. Kizzdude

    Kizzdude New Member

    That is an amazing selection you have in your bag there...im surprised it all fits :D

    And what a nice giveaway...good luck all :)
  9. miao1948

    miao1948 New Member

  10. ekv91

    ekv91 New Member

    nice one
  11. BiutifulSea

    BiutifulSea Active Member

    "What’s in your bag?"

    I do not have a bag yet = / ... But I hope to win this contest to be able to answer that question perfectly = )

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  12. PeStil3nc3

    PeStil3nc3 New Member

    The day is getting closer :D
  13. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    - "What’s in your bag?"
    - My lunch :)

    Good luck everyone!
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  14. NeqqerTron

    NeqqerTron Member

    Does the Wildcat work for Steam? Cus I don't have an Xbox, and I don't think I will be buying it anytime soon.
  15. valekvl

    valekvl New Member

    good luck everyone
  16. desmondlee911

    desmondlee911 New Member

    Usually i have my Portable charger, razer kraken, laptop and razer firefly chroma! Oh and an apple cable charger xD
  17. I love those giveaways!!
  18. BangBangTitSwag

    BangBangTitSwag New Member

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  19. He is so Good at CS: GO
  20. ChrisDiola

    ChrisDiola New Member

    Ohh cm'on guys , just give it to me :D BTW goodluck
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