What's in Your Bag - June 2017

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Jun 22, 2017.

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  1. Rolandas

    Rolandas New Member

    damm i want this !!!
  2. andmonke

    andmonke New Member

  3. _faranight_

    _faranight_ New Member

    yeah true but when its your thing gaming, there is no money boundry
  4. FlySkySaltFish

    FlySkySaltFish New Member

    I do not have any Razer products. However, I hope I can get the Razer Laptop first " 12.5"
  5. GamemasterDanny

    GamemasterDanny New Member

    Ugh i hope i get that laptop i am tired of my slow mac :mad_:
  6. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    Here's my lapdesk setup :)
  7. Venomfrosty

    Venomfrosty New Member

    I have a full razer themed desk setup, but damn i'd like a backpack like that.
  8. DavixLegend

    DavixLegend New Member

    Asi quetemgo el teclado y la lafombrilla chroma xD
  9. Nekora_Xal

    Nekora_Xal New Member

    Soooo..... anyone else having problems completing the log in step of this giveaway? (Despite being logged in, or logging out to log back in again?
  10. Farees_Raza

    Farees_Raza New Member

    So far I have no Razer products but I've almost racked up enough points to get the firefly: cloth edition! I also plan to upgrade from my acer es 15 into a Razer laptop in a couple of years!

    Just baby steps
  11. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    It took me a few tries on the last step....keep trying, it's worth it...free stuff!!
  12. Nekora_Xal

    Nekora_Xal New Member

    Well, That and RAZER STUFF!, Okay i finally got it, i just had to keep trying.... heh.
  13. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    Awesome Sauce
  14. miku393

    miku393 New Member

    nice pack :smile_:
  15. BombBurperZ

    BombBurperZ New Member

    This little thing is just what I need.
  16. Maxx016

    Maxx016 New Member

    Razer stuff i have: Kraken, Goliathus Control Medium, Deathadder Elite and Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma..
  17. socialcause

    socialcause New Member

    5 entries if you log in and sign up for insider. Done this many times. Not getting the 5 entries. Thanks Razer for making this so difficult.

    I had 2 or 3 entries. Now after trying the log in and sign up for insider for 5 entries, I now have 0 entries. Thank you Razer. Also, Razer deleted my post from just a few seconds ago. Thanks for that too.

    Edit: Looks like Razer didn't delete my last post. They just made it look like they deleted it. It didn't show up until I posted this one. I just checked again and Razer has still removed my 2 or 3 entries that I had.

    The 2 entries that Razer took away from me were the "check out the RazerStore" and "visit Razer on Facebook". I've logged in and out several times. The 2 entries are still gone and I still can't get the 5 entries to work either.
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  18. kajira

    kajira Well-Known Member

    When you click the links to go to the Razer store or others, then leave those tabs / pages open and come back to Insider, there should be a button to click that says "Continue" that will register the open page and give you the entry. Personally, I leave all of them open until I've finished all of the steps and received all of the entries. Then once you close everything and log out of everything again and refresh the Razer Insider page it won't show that you've done the entries yet, because you no longer have them open / logged in. As long as you finish the page once, though, then you're good.
  19. socialcause

    socialcause New Member

    Thank your for your reply kajira. I did leave the pages open and click 'continue' (for the times it was clickable). The page would state ' 1 entry , 5 days left '. Then I click the next link and 'continue' and the page stated '2 entries, 5 days left'. Then I clicked the one for 5 points but, each time I did the 5 point one, the 2 points disappeared and I wouldn't get the 5 points. So, the page would state '0 entries, 5 days left' even though I had done the exact same thing for the 2 times 1 entries. Anyway, it seem to almost be working now. When I go back to the page it now states '7 entries, 5 days left'. What concerns me now is that for the Battlerite giveaway, I received an email from Razer stating how many entries I had for that contest but, I have not received an e-mail for this 'what's in your bag' contest. It has been several hours now. I think that the issue is that some things on Razer Insider update quickly and others take hours to update. eg. The 4x5 points that you get for 'Know the Rules' were awarded quickly but, the 1 point for 'Hello world' took around an hour and the 50 points for 'Getting Started' took several hours to be awarded. Again, thank you for your response. :)
  20. kajira

    kajira Well-Known Member

    I haven't actually heard of that issue previously, so I'm afraid I'm out of suggestions on that one. However, there's a possibility that @Razer|Jaisani_Choe @Razer|WolfPack @Razer|Gwynbleidd may have other suggestions to assist you.

    As for the e-mail, honestly, I don't think I've ever received an e-mail telling me the entries for the giveaways that I have, so I didn't even know that some of them had done that. It would be nice if all of them would start doing it every time though! :)

    And yes, when it comes to the trophies / achievements they can definitely take time. I had a few that took a day or two to show up after I completed them. I also have a few that never registered at all (specifically my birthday, which not only did it happen, but the Razer staff even sent me a letter in the mail for it. lol - and the one stating that I'm a moderator, which I think we all know that I am. :big_grin_: ) So, they're working on trying to fix some of the ones that haven't worked properly for whatever reason. If you know for sure of some that you've completed but you were not awarded, after 2-3 days time you can try messaging one of the official staff members and see if they could get you some help.
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