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What's your favorite razer mouse?

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Motherfish, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. Motherfish

    Motherfish New Member

  2. RichardCrigger

    RichardCrigger New Member

    Anything left handed
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  3. 42566811000

    42566811000 Active Member

    Ouroboros, i don't have one but it is just AWESOME
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2015
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  4. sanchx32

    sanchx32 New Member

    Naga for sure!
  5. Razer|Chrono_xf_rzr

    Razer|Chrono_xf_rzr Member Staff Member

    Naga Epic Chroma :heart:
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  6. isabel09

    isabel09 Active Member

    Naga definetly
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  7. IamBastiii

    IamBastiii New Member

  8. Zaphyr

    Zaphyr Member

    Definitely Naga as a MMO player.
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  9. awesomeAMBERDeer648

    awesomeAMBERDeer648 New Member

    Deathdadder for FPS/Casual
  10. Marmarrz

    Marmarrz New Member

    Although I don't own one, it's gotta be the deathadder.
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  11. _Shaver

    _Shaver New Member

    death adder chroma
  12. tapao

    tapao New Member

    i used a deathadder for about 6 years. I just switched to the mamba. Its VERY similar to the deathadder except its a little more narrow due to the semi-reset grips. Its maybe an 1/8th inch slimmer where your fingers hit the sides. Not much at all but a TINY different.

    Both are solid mice.
  13. awesomeAMBERDeer648

    awesomeAMBERDeer648 New Member

    Do you prefer the Mamba over the Adder?
  14. tapao

    tapao New Member

    unless you have a use for the wireless get the deathadder.

    I use the wireless while chillin on the couch.
  15. SubParMixtape

    SubParMixtape New Member

    I am loving my orochi, but i would love a chroma deathadder
  16. nevirftw

    nevirftw New Member

    I have a long standing love for my Imperator but I have really been meaning to try out a deathadder or the Ouroboros as I have had friends who raved about the former and have heard only good things about the latter.
  17. G33Lant

    G33Lant New Member

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  18. Chiiing

    Chiiing New Member

    I love the Naga (Chroma or not).
    But would like to have the deathadder mouse too.
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  19. Xiphotic

    Xiphotic New Member

  20. Mastatgt

    Mastatgt Member

    :x i like wireless so I currently have the mamba and im lovin it.. just ordered the oroboros, quite excited to try that one out.
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