What's your progress on Pokemon GO?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by BrianRevy, Apr 17, 2017.


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  1. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    Now if you think about this logically, Niantic alone was never a Huge company. They don't actually have a lot of workers. Unlike most gaming companies. so They actually do more work. Keeping that in mind, you also have to think about players who cheat and GPS spoof on the game to make it unfair for legit players trying to achieve what they want. This entire time they're the main reason why Niantic is being so slow at this stuff. Doing what they did to think of updates, and to also work on methods to stopping cheaters with only limited amount of workers to do the job, one can only do so much. Try putting yourself in their shoes lol. Are you willing to have to work 3-4x the workload just to prevent cheaters from ruining the game?
  2. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    What does the blue bar under your gym badges mean?
  3. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    I believe if you are on your Character Info page, that blue bar is the Exp of your Badge. Think of it like all the other medals you have on Pokemon GO, once you fill it up once, you get a Bronze border around the gym badge. I'll post up a picture on it shortly.

    -EDIT- (Update w/ Picture)
    Basically, if you see a Bubble w/ Pikachu in it, that means your pokemon is in that Gym.
    On the Gym Badge right side of it, There is a Bronze border meaning, I have filled the blue bar fully once.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2017
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  4. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    iight, @kajira @ARMOR_152 @Christinde
    In regards to previous post:
    As of June 23, 2017 around the afternoon. No announcements made but the Gym system has been tweeked a bit.
    Changes made:
    -Max amount of coins you can earn now is 50.
    -Pokemons Defending in Gyms earn 1 Coin after Every 10 minutes. *Takes 8Hours and 20Minutes to get 50 coins*
    -Battle Raids are currently available for Level 25+.

    You should throw Pokemons with CP under 3,000 into gyms.
    Why? Because Pokemons over 3k CP has a 10% Decaying rate each hour from your motivation or CP.
    Instead you should put Pokemons under 3k CP into Gyms, as the Decaying rate is roughly 1% per hour.
    *You'll be able to save yourself more berries with this method listed above*
    Basically here is a picture of the difference of a 3k+ CP VS a sub 3k CP Pokemon in gym overtime.

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  5. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    @BrianRevy - Great information!!
    All of this was quite helpful when I finally did get to one of the new gyms for the first time. I had a much better idea of what was going on. I'm pretty sure I would've been a bit confused if I had clicked on one without knowing anything else in advance. hehehe
  6. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    Thanks and I'm glad it was helpful :D
  7. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    It's been awhile, Been reeeally busy with the new Legendary Raids and here is a screenshot of today's stats (;
  8. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    @kajira @ARMOR_152 @Christinde
    Have any of you tried the new Legendary Raids? ;o The first Legendary released into Pokemon GO was Articuno & Lugia on July 23rd ~
  9. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Nice! I haven't even tried since I'd get rekt by myself and not too many people are playing a lot around me now but it's cool they finally added them. At first I didn't like the whole new gym system but now overall I do. I'm still level 32, it gets crazy XP amounts after level 30 or so, but it's nice since then the high 30 levels actually mean something.
  10. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I have Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Raikou and Mewtwo at this point. I'm waiting for for Raikou to cycle to the next one for me.

    My family and I still go out raiding every other week or so and we at least try to keep up with the daily spins/catches for the bonuses.
  11. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    Daaayum Mewtwo already too? ;O Toronto hasnt gotten any EX Raid pass invitations yet ;c outside of Toronto has ._.
  12. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I think where the invites were being issued here in the US changed recently, but for the last month they've been exclusively at Starbucks stores and Sprint Wireless stores. We got lucky and raided a Raikou at a Starbucks and that's where we were invited back to for Mewtwo.
  13. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    Wooooow T-T luuuucky xD I'm so excited to experience a Mewtwo raid c;
  14. SirJarren

    SirJarren Active Member

    My progress in Pokemon Go is that with all the walking I'm doing my blood pressure is now much lower than it used to be.

    Oh, and I have a bunch of pokemon that I have no idea what to do with.
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  15. iZpawn

    iZpawn Active Member

    I feel like they really screwed over an amazing potential for that game.
  16. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    Ayyy This is good ;D reminds me of this video (<Click on the word) And feel free to talk about your problem with not knowing what to transfer xD I'll see if i can help out (;

    Well from my view, I feel like it's doing pretty well ;o more players are working together now and the revamped gym system is more fun (;
  17. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

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  18. AkihikoHideki

    AkihikoHideki Member

    Didn't play it anymore :c
  19. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Wow, congrats!!
  20. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    Thanks :D

    And Currently we have Sableye + Duskull + Dusclops + Shuppet + Banette from Gen 3 out since the Halloween Event. All of them HAS a shiny form (;

    The rest of Gen 3 Pokemons are going to be rolling out as early as early December! (;

    AND Starting earlier today This New event is out :D
    Start Catching, Start Enjoying, Start waitting for Farfetch'd ! :D
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