Where do you put your Razer stickers ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Capitain D, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. ih3ro

    ih3ro New Member

    I put some of them on the PC case and sometimes on my iPhone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  2. Nocathegoat

    Nocathegoat Member

    1 Deffinetly on my pc case/laptop, i have 1 on my lamp and other than that i have it stored somewhere
  3. Saboter

    Saboter New Member

    All over my desk, my gun cases and car :D
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  4. NortonCdJ

    NortonCdJ Member

    I like keeping all the stickers xD I feel it'll be a waste to use it on something that I won't be keeping for a long time :<
  5. GeorgeOgle

    GeorgeOgle New Member

    i still have the ones i own sitting in my draw, i just never find anywhere worthwhile to put them!
  6. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I put one on my desktop PC tower and I put one on my laptop.
  7. FerminS3

    FerminS3 Member

    On my Apple logo.... and cry....
  8. I have one on my water bottle, as well as my laptop and phone case :D
  9. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    I've got a sticker collection on my dresser. Razer is slowly overtaking Apple though!
  10. hif626

    hif626 Member

    lol I put 1 on my work pc...... ~.o
  11. I placed one right in the center of my screen so i have a good crosshair when i play games without crosshair!
  12. LexiousV1

    LexiousV1 New Member

    I personally am saving up some stickers to put them on various objects such as my laptop, but unfortunately, I lost my only two :{
  13. mohitKHTRPL

    mohitKHTRPL New Member

    I have them on my desk along with a few other stickers. I kind of did a "sticker bomb" approach when I was putting them on. Now I'm just waiting for more stickers to add to the collection.

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  14. popbobtai

    popbobtai Member

    I put my sticker on one of my headsets, but it peeled off a couple years ago. I am planning to get a Razer Keyboard and I would put it on the side of my tower case along with my other stickers (still limited)
  15. Calculator case and my Manticor mousemat carrying case.

    Looking to put my incoming ones on my laptop :)
  16. MongoosePanda

    MongoosePanda Active Member

    Desktop case, laptop, and PS3 and a few other places I can't remember lol.
  17. xirexs96

    xirexs96 New Member

    It's still inside the box...
    only two given and dont feel like wasting them lol
  18. Dasadorah

    Dasadorah Member

    I was reading this thread and lol at my husband. I said, "someone put the sticker over the apple logo". He walked away and grabbed my work mac laptop to show me he had already put the sticker over my apple logo. LMAO

    One step ahead of me....
  19. Phonascus

    Phonascus Member

    I think I'll put one on my work laptop (Lenovo). I'm kind of tempted to put one on my black Dodge Challenger. Hmmm....maybe....
  20. Verthaa

    Verthaa Active Member

    I have two that are actually on things, the rest are missing which pisses me off cause I love stickers. I mean, what nerd/geek doesn't like stickers?
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