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Which Display is better? Full HD Matte or QHD+

Discussion in 'Systems' started by TatzyXY, Oct 22, 2016.

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  1. TatzyXY

    TatzyXY New Member


    first of all sorry for my bad english I will try my best but not sure if it is good enough.

    I have a question which of the Displays I should buy?


    On the papper its clear that the QHD+ might be better but is it in real use actually better?
    Here are some of my concerns why I think Full HD might be better:
    • Full HD might be more battery saving
    • When you use a Full HD Panel you dont have to put your Windows OS in 200% scaling mode.
    • I am afraid of programs who are not working well with 200% scaling mode
    • I would set games to 900p because that I get more frames but then the display has to interpolate and this will look not good, right? In other words the game renders in 900p the display scales it up to its native resolution (QHD+), I cant imagine that this will look good then even when the monitor just only have to dupliacte each pixel because the QHD+ Resolution is the duplicate of 1600 X 900.
    • When I buy the QHD+ Display I play games actually in 1600 x 900 this is even less than the Full HD Display. Sounds weird.

    Are these concerns valid or should I dont worry about this?

    Drawbacks when I will buy the Full HD Matte Display:
    • No touch
    • Not 100% Adobe RGB
    • Less PPI
    I am confused which one I should buy?
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  2. Ridha_Baqshi

    Ridha_Baqshi Active Member

    Why would you play in 900p? I always play in 1080p on my QHD+ blade and it looks great.
  3. RealBobFish

    RealBobFish Active Member

    I would personally get the FHD because matte screens are easier to see when the sun is bright and it used less power. Plus scaling is annoying and you'd probs be playing games in 1080p anyway.

    Depends on if you want the extra pixels for watching videos or editing photos and stuff like that.
  4. Question about the FHD display... What is the minimum brightness like? Is it dimmer than the current QHD display? The people with Blade 2014's and older will acknowledge how absurd the minimum brightness is on the QHD screen (waay too bright).
  5. And also to the OP, the new Blade with the 1060 will almost NEVER need to be scaled at 900p. The 1060 is more than powerful enough to play games at 1080p and possibly even 2K.
  6. nicb19

    nicb19 Member

    I'm getting the FHD although I am going to miss the touchscreen.
  7. TatzyXY

    TatzyXY New Member

    Because the native resolution of the blade is QHD+ (3200x1600). 900p is exactly the half of it, so then the monitor dont have to interpolate that much, isnt it like this?

    If the game render resolution is: 1600x900 its easier for the display to scale it to QHD+ with less bluring or smoothing. Or is 1920x1080 fine as well?

    Correct me if I am wrong? I have no experience with high PPI Displays.

    But 1080p ist not exact the half of 3200x1600. Will this not cause problems?
    Or only matters that the format remains the same 16:9?

    Yes, frames are more important for me than resolution. So I would go for 900p or 1080p to hit 60 FPS.

    Because of that I asking here, the touch screen is a nice plus but when it will cause more problems than benefits maybe FHD is the better option.

    I am afraid of third party programs which will not scale properly with a high PPI Panel.
  8. Touchscreen is the main reason I went with FHD. It's another layer on the screen that cuts the viewing angles. It's not a tablet so you very rarely use it, and because of it having a small electric charge through it they are dust magnets. Also the glare would be an issue. The human can't tell the difference at 2ft.
  9. Ridha_Baqshi

    Ridha_Baqshi Active Member

    The resolution of the QHD+ is 3200x1800 (not 3200x1600). Playing games @1080p is the sweet spot for the QHD+ screen.
  10. XarockX

    XarockX Member

    If your not concerned with resolution and only frames, why would you be considering the QHD+ at all? No matter how you look at it, you will get better frames running at a lower resolution regardless of display type. And it will look better at 1080p than it would at 900p but you will get better frames at 900p. I mean why not just go FHD and run games at 720p and get frame rates well into the 100's?
  11. TatzyXY

    TatzyXY New Member

    Because of touch, the FHD doesnt have it :slightly_sad:

    Upps yeah I know I wrote it wrong down.

    But does it not look blurry its a lot what the display have to scale then...
  12. 3thyr

    3thyr New Member

    Don't believe you need a QHD+ on the razer blade.. Unless you have money to splash I think the Full HD Matte is completely fine
  13. If you really want a touchscreen, go with the QHD. If you don't want a touchscreen, go with the FHD. I like using my touchscreen. But if I didn't like the touchscreen, I would have gone with a FHD. The added resolution wasn't worth it for me, especially since a lot of the more demanding games I've tried struggle at native resolution and I put them back down to 1080p anyway.
  14. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    You need to decide WHY you're buying this laptop. Is it gaming only? Then buy the Full HD model. However, if you are buying this for work or school and need the higher resolution for something like AutoCAD like I do then get the higher resolution model. As far as how visible the 3200x1800 model is outside. . .eh. It's not bad. Don't sit right under the sun while using it. The glossy screen doesn't bother me, but some people find it irritating.
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