Which headset/phone to buy?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by SpawnChunks, Jul 19, 2017.

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  1. SpawnChunks_no_id

    SpawnChunks_no_id New Member

    I have seen Razer has some quite cool headsets but I do not know which to buy. Now my case is a bit different than an avarage gamer's as I have a SoundBlaster X-Fi HD external sound card which I use.

    I would like my audio to go through it if possible. It basically has some effects, such as making the voice clearer, louder, etc. It only accepts audio jack input.

    Now if Razer Sound or another Razer software has similar features to the SoundBlaster, I don't mind not connecting it to the SoundBlaster card.

    Also, on the site it is not very clear which headsets have Chroma effects, and which don't, as on the site it doesn't list the Man O' Wear Wireless as a Chroma compatible device, but in the trailer it does.

    So my questions are the following:
    - Does Razer's software have the same features as the SoundBlaster card does?
    - If not, can I connect a Razer headset with audio jack to my SoundBlaster and get the effects of both the SoundBlaster card, and Razer Sound or other Razer Software.
    - What kind of differences in sound can Razer's software make?
    - Is the myth true, that wireless headsets cause brain damage? And if so, is this the case with Razer headsets as well?
    - Do the Wireless headsets have a wired mode?
    - On Linux the Razer drivers do not work. If I were to connect a Razer Headset to Linux, would it work, of course without the effects that the Razer driver softwares would add? Is this the case with both jack and USB headsets? (I do not have a Linux computer right now, but I might get one in the future.)
    - I have a comparasion chart below. Can somebody confirm that it is right, or if not, correct it?


    Thank you very much.
  2. WaShingMaShin

    WaShingMaShin Member

    What's better with sound the Kraken 7.1 v2 or the Man O' War?
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