Which Keyboard is Best for You?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Jenjar, Feb 17, 2021.

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  1. Savage_Scream911

    Savage_Scream911 New Member

    I am still using my Razer Blade 15 and also saving up to have a Razer Blade Pro 17, hoping to have it very soon.
  2. BoneIVORYbuzz753

    BoneIVORYbuzz753 New Member

    1. Razer Huntsman v2 Analog ,Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard ,Razer Pro Type ,Filco Ninja Majestouch, Logitech Craft...These are some of the best keyboard that you can use in 2021.
  3. RebelBeauty

    RebelBeauty New Member

    I am satisfied and very happy with my Huntsman. I worked hard to get this!
  4. TeaRosecampleet700

    TeaRosecampleet700 New Member

    Does Razer truly make any SILENT keyboards? I currently have a Verbatim wireless keyboard mouse combo (model 99779), and it is truly silent (my cubemate can't hear it AT ALL when I'm typing, and I can barely hear it), but some keys keep getting stuck and i have to replace the batteries every month. This was about $35 from Staples. So, I'm willing to spend more money to get some quality but still want silent. Does Razer have something similar? It seems that the mechanical or opto-mechanical, linear, yellow switch is the direction I may want to go if I do get a Razer, but when I watch youtube videos on particular ones with these features, they still seem awfully clicky or loud. I actually bought a huntsman elite based on a video, but the keys were REALLY clicky, so I reboxed and returned. Even the Black Widow with yellow keys seemed loud/clicky on the youtube sound tests. It seems that some of the quieter ones might be the smaller ones, such as the Huntsman Mini. However, I like having a tenkey pad. Do any of the Razer mini keyboards come with an ability to connect any kind of tenkey pad? I haven't even looked at or shopped for tenkey pads yet. I may not even need to connect one to the keyboard if i can connect it to the computer another way to still be able to use it. So, forgive me if that's a stupid question right now. I'm willing to get a mini if that's what it will take. I'm not a gamer, just a data engineer/developer who is spoiled with the silent keyboard sound. Even my laptop keys are mostly quiet on my Lenovo Legion Y520, but not as silent as the Verbatim.
    So, what truly is the most silent Razer keyboard? Is the Huntsman mini the best one? I've watched a lot of sound test videos, but am getting lost especially when I think i found one, but then hear that it's awfully clicky in another sound test.
    Thank you for your help!

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  5. bizcastOchre465

    bizcastOchre465 New Member

    This is really helpful and informative. I will keep in mind while buying.
  6. MarkoDomaci

    MarkoDomaci New Member

    Very nice and informative thread!
  7. DrGLBuchanan

    DrGLBuchanan Member

    I've got the Razer Cynosa Lite RGB, which is a Membrane keyboard, that I brought over two months ago.
  8. I love the Razer Huntsman Mini. White is so cool!
  9. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Excellent job Jenjar, as always
  10. zuckkero

    zuckkero New Member

  11. RedCat888

    RedCat888 New Member

    Thanks! I don't need the info, but this will help a looot of people.
  12. DRIFT_IT

    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    The best keyboard is the one you have in front of you right now.
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  13. Sameerrr

    Sameerrr New Member

    I am happy with ornate chroma, a mecha membrane keyboard, it is my favorite. Best recommend for gamers as an entry level keyboard.
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  14. I.Nix

    I.Nix Well-Known Member

    black widow chroma chroma v2 tournment edition with yellow switches, still one of the fastest and amazing ergonomics, minimalist enouth but with everything i need
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