Which mouse is "better"? (Mamba TE vs Dadder Elite)

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Oscar zhou, Dec 25, 2016.

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  1. Doesdragon

    Doesdragon New Member

    Hi dudies, this is my first post on Razer insider forum, I just wanted to know what (and why possibly)mouse would better between the Mamba TE and the DeathAdder Elite.
    cuz this is my first gaming mouse, and i wanted "the best" mouse at 100$ or under.
    i usually play fps like csgo, or some gdr.
    Hope you guys can help me

    Sorry for my bad english.
  2. Gandalagz

    Gandalagz New Member

    I had both, just recently bought the DAE, I had the Mamba TE for quite a sometime. While, the Mamba is still a very good mouse for me the deathadder is just a little bit better. More accurate and has less lag. This is just my 2 cents though...
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  3. BlueJeanBaby

    BlueJeanBaby Member

    Deathadder elite

    The mamba has a horrible sensor but the deathadder's is amazing ;c
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  4. RazerFanzLogan

    RazerFanzLogan Active Member

    BlueJeanBaby, I've own the Razer Mamba TE for a good amount of time now and the sensor in it is great, I think you are thinking about the Razer Mamba wireless, that one has the issues but the TE one is perfectly fine.
  5. I have been using the Razer Mamba TE for a couple of months now and it is amazing. The sensor is great!
  6. RazerFanzLogan

    RazerFanzLogan Active Member

    Yea, and I even bought my Razer Mamba TE *broken* but I fixed it and it was really nothing.
  7. r4nd0mh4v0k

    r4nd0mh4v0k New Member

    I got the Mamba TE the the day it became available. Upgraded from the 2013 Mamba. At first, I loved it.. but I started to notice that the feet placement wasn't quite right and if I apply too much pressure to the bottom left side of the palm area, the whole mouse lifts up and the sensor looses contact... It became very troublesome. I ended up reverting back to a Deathadder Chroma. Now I have upgraded to the DAE and it's amazing. I also like the slightly lower grip feel of the DA over the Mamba. I am a Deathadder user for life, sorry Mamba.
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  8. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Most FPS players swear by optical sensors. You will find that in the DeathAdder.

    The Mamba really shines in wireless freedom and Chroma lighting, but it has a laser sensor that many have complained about. It also has an adjustable click.

    There is no mouse that is "better," it's all about which is better for you. And for you, the DeathAdder seems to be the clear choice.

    Welcome to Insider Oscar zhou and Merry Christmas :evergreen_tree::christmas_tree::santa::christmas_tree::evergreen_tree:
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  9. Fuzzy6682

    Fuzzy6682 Member

    I tried the Deathadder Elite and it is incredibly comfortable. It helped me to aim better (or at least it feels like it). At first it may feel strange on the right side and can cause your palm to sweat, but after playing some games a bit more it will start to be very comfortable.

    Did I mention it was comfortable?
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  10. RazerReviews

    RazerReviews Member

    Mamba te, fancy colors all the way.
  11. Doesdragon

    Doesdragon New Member

    thank you all guys, i think i will go for the Elite. cuz i need more precision. ty you all again ^^
  12. PrideHeart

    PrideHeart Active Member

    Good choice on the elite. I like it more too.
  13. ItsHerobrine

    ItsHerobrine Active Member

    Even the Deathadder Chroma is better than the Mamba
  14. FuriouSxSlayer

    FuriouSxSlayer New Member

    I likedd the Deathadder
  15. aab010799

    aab010799 Active Member

    I've never used a Mamba but I love my current deathadder chroma. Only think I don't like about it is that my hands get very sweaty and the rubber grips on the side can become somewhat slippery due to the finish and material chosen. Other than that though its been a great mouse so far (only been using it for about a month)
  16. FE4R3D

    FE4R3D New Member

    I haven't used the deathadder but I love my Mamba.
  17. I don't have either mouse; I have the Razer Naga Hex Red. But I heard that an optical sensor is better for pretty much any game especially for FPS games
  18. SuijinZero

    SuijinZero Active Member

    In my personal opinion, I really like the Mamba TE, its very light weight, the feel is very nice and comfortable and the lighting is really sweet! The only mouse I would pick over the Mamba is the the Naga, the Naga family is amazing.
  19. Blaffer

    Blaffer New Member

    I use a regular mamba, but I have it plugged in for gaming, in which case it functions the same as a TE.

    Personally, the arched back of the mouse fits my hand beautifully, and, if you're like me, I couldn't recommend it enough.

    I haven't properly used the Deathadder Elite, though I've tried one in a store once. Although they're very similar in shape, I definitely prefer the mamba.

    Performance wise, I haven't had any issues with my mamba, even in wireless mode. I don't know if I'm an exception, but it works fine for me.

    Regardless, they're all very nice mice, so the deathadder is a perfectly fine choice. Hope you enjoy it!
  20. chibiwings

    chibiwings New Member

    in my opinion, between choosing in between of this mice?

    i'll go for the deathadder...
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