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Discussion in 'Systems' started by JJBellaschi, Apr 1, 2017.

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  1. JJBellaschi

    JJBellaschi New Member

    Hey guys. I am trying to buy a razerblade to replace my MacBook Pro (ditching apple and trying out new laptops). I mostly need it for school work (this does not include video editing), everyday tasks, and some light gaming. I was deciding between the razerblade's and The Dell xps13 and choose the razers due to a more mac like feel (I am new to windows and kind of a pleb). I was looking at the options and saw the three versions (stealth, normal, and pro). The stealth was the only one that fit my budget (around $1,100) but it had definitely the weakest specs (1440 picture. Core i5. No desktop comparable GPU). And I saw that to upgrade to a i7 you also had to upgrade to 4K as well and that version was out of my price range. I then saw all of the refurbished options (including the Razerblade and Pro) and to be honest I became pretty overwhelmed so I decided to ask you guys what to do. I already stated what I will be using the laptop for but here are some more specifications. Core i7 would be nice (or at least seventh gen processors). At least 1440 (4K would be nice but I don't know). At least 250 GB (if you think 125 is fine then just tell me). Maybe a good GPU but to be honest I don't really know what I need for what I will be doing (stated in the beginning). I need a durable laptop that will last me a few years without breaking or becoming to outdated. So if you guys have any recommendations (my specifications for inside components are extremely flexible to whatever you think is best will be fine) on what laptop to get (refurbished or new) it would be much appreciated contact me @JJBellaschi@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thank you so much!
  2. Outrider6015

    Outrider6015 New Member

    I've had the same question for the past month, and I found that Best Buy has an i7 7500u 512GB with the QHD screen for $1399. For the needs that you are said, the Stealth would be the best choice, but if you want a bit more power/size, get the Blade. Light gaming would probably do fine without a dedicated GPU.
  3. JJBellaschi

    JJBellaschi New Member

    I just found a refurbished stealth with those specs for like $1200 on razers store
  4. syclick

    syclick New Member

    Did you end up purchasing the refurbished one? If so, what was its condition when you got it?

    I ask because I am considering that exact model, and would like to know what to expect from Razer refurbs.
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