Which surface is best for FPS games?

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by _Spyguy_, Jan 2, 2016.


Which is the best choice for FPS games?

  1. Firefly

  2. Goliathus Speed

  3. Goliathus Control

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  1. Hi, I was wondering what the best mousepad (out of these three) for FPS games is! I'm leaning towards the Goliathus control and the firefly, but what do you guys think? I'll be playing mostly CS:GO and some others (possibly Overwatch when it comes out) and don't know which to pick yet. (I have a deathadder, if that matters)

    SEAWEEEEDA Active Member

    I think it really depends on personal preference. The firefly seems to be receiving the best reviews but then again the price tag is significantly higher. The goliathus control/speed can generally be gotten free with a purchase. Best is if you're able to go down to a physical store and try it physically, otherwise, reviews only get you so far. I read about the two on my curiousity, it's rather equal per se and largely depends on personal preference as said. Some people prefers speed on fps, control on mmo, but some just prefers speed all round and vice versa.

    I know its not much of a help but I think people can only give you their opinions on whats better. you'l get used to the mousepad, whichever you get :) but if you can afford it, firefly, why not? gets you chroma lighting too haha.
  3. Okay! On that note, I might be heading towards the firefly on the 50% off sale, but I think you're right on that people can only share opinions. Thanks for replying, and If I do get the firefly or any other Razer products in the future, I'll take your advice and get the speed/control for free with it. Thanks again!
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