Who has stable 64GB experiences on their Razer Blades (any model)?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by RazerUserNow, Dec 30, 2020.

  1. TurboTacho

    TurboTacho Member

    Yes I've read through the thread, it's akin to starting off a hill and rolling down the slope. However, I believe the instability is most probably caused by applications or incompatible software. I do heard that some games and applications are extremely sensitive to RAM speeds and clock timings, and may result in system instability.

    Usually those cases are referred to the developers of the software to fix those problems...

    I wouldn't say mine's an experiment but I practically do use it from time to time as this laptop is designated my all-in-one workhouse (gaming, entertainment, work, productivity, etc.). But I'm more than happy to enjoy the thorough upgrades I've gotten for my laptop!
  2. RazerUserNow

    RazerUserNow New Member

    haha! "down the slope" - that's a good way of putting it

    I don't think I can agree about what you said about system instability being caused by the apps, though - if I understand modern operating system design correctly, all that any "bad app" can do is to crash themselves, they shouldn't be able to bring the entire system down. A badly written app can only cause the app itself to crash, not freeze the whole system. If the system goes down there is either corruption in the OS software (whether the OS itself, or drivers), or a hardware problem.

  3. TurboTacho

    TurboTacho Member

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  4. landink

    landink New Member

    I recently purchased the Razer Pro 17 (2021), which I had planned to upgrade to 64 GB – until I read about all the problems/incompatibility issues with Razer laptops and RAM upgrades.

    After having read this thread (and all the other contradicting threads on this forum), I decided to give my luck a go and try the 64GB 3200 MHz HyperX Impact (HX432S20IBK2/64).

    It has only been about 1 hour since installing the RAM, but for now at least the RAM is showing as 64 GB running at 3200 MHz in bios (XMP enabled - in "default") and task manager.

    I can also report that the fans are without a doubt running significantly quieter after upgrading the RAM (from stock 32 GB to 64 GB/3200 MHz). I didn't really expect that, and I'm not sure if this is common, but I can't complain!

    Now I guess I will have to wait and see if the computer starts crashing today, in a week, or in a month, as some people have reported with some of the 64 GB upgrades...
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  5. Matthewe79

    Matthewe79 New Member

    How's it going with the HyperX RAM? I just received my 2021 Razer Blade 15 Base model and want to upgrade it from the 16GB.

    After all the reading i am hoping the 2020 issues were fixed in the 2021 BIOS for XMP.
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  6. landink

    landink New Member

    No crashes/problems yet. The laptop has been running pretty much nonstop since installing the ram. :100:
  7. Matthewe79

    Matthewe79 New Member

    Actually scratch that, i have a 2021 Razer Blade 15 Base model and it still looks like XMP is disabled for me, i don't see it anywhere in the v1.0 BIOS.

  8. landink

    landink New Member

    I'm pretty sure it only appears after you have installed compatible ram. I don't think I could see/access XMP in BIOS prior to installing the 64GB HyperX. Currently running v1.0 as well

    SOMNIOHM New Member

    I tried this recently and have found this unbelievably "crash worthy" I am now at a loss and running my original 16GB Samsung Memory. I am still waiting to find a reliable 64GB upgrade at literally any cost. I wish someone here had the answer.
  10. landink

    landink New Member

    I am not sure if you mean that you have tried the Crucial or HyperX, but in case you were referring to Crucial: as mentioned in a few posts above the 64GB 3200 MHz HyperX Impact (HX432S20IBK2/64) is working flawlessly at 3200 MHz for me so far (Razer Pro 17, 2021 – Set to Default in BIOS). I've been using this for about one month without any problems/unexpected crashes
  11. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Do not feel the loss as a total loss, think of it as an experiment that you tried, but a setback occured.
    Without setbacks, we can never learn to move forward.

    Which is what many scientist and engineers always face.

    I had many losses in the past, I'm moving forward with a stable 32 GB @ 3200 MHz SODIMM memory on my LP.
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    SOMNIOHM New Member

    I tried the Kingston "Hyper X".. I cant knock Kingston memory as I know from past experience that they are a very reputable company for high performance memory upgrades. That said, this is not compatible with my Razer laptop (despite updating BIOS and EC to Oct 2020).
    Symptoms include screen flicker, black screen and then BSOD followed by multiple failed restarts with many different errors being reported (Win10 OS).
    When it does start up, task manager & CPUID do report the 64Gb and 2933Mhz of RAM. (I purchased 2933 sticks rather than 3200). Maybe I should have tried the 3200 i do not know but what I do know is that no matter what this costs, I need "overkill" for I do alotttt of video editing and am known to regularly have an absurd amount of chrome tabs open all at the same time! I will have to try some other manufacturer I guess, but I really really wanted this to work!
  13. landink

    landink New Member

    From having read about every post on the internet on this topic, it seems as if the HyperX is unstable/does not work with any Razer laptops prior to 2021. While some users seem to report (on this forum and others) that HyperX may work briefly (with 2020 models and earlier), if having upgraded the BIOS, most/all of the same people have also reported that HyperX has made their laptops unstable/prone to crashing etc.

    But it seems as if the new 2021 models come with a new BIOS: going by my Razer Pro 17 (2021), and Matthewe79's Razer Blade 15 base model (2021). For what it is worth, the 2021 BIOS is named "v1.0", so unless it is simply badly named, I would guess that this BIOS is different from the v1.06 (Oct 2020)...(?)

    That being said, my best current guess would be that the v1.0 BIOS that comes with the new 2021 models might work fine with HyperX/64GB/3200 MHz. At least it seems to be working fine for me at the moment. For what it is worth, there are also some benchmarks online for the Razer Pro 17 (2021) with HyperX/64GB/3200 MHz.
  14. Matthewe79

    Matthewe79 New Member

    i will report back when my HyperX RAM arrives on Monday. I will be curious as to if it works and is stable. Reading the reviews on amazon for this RAM, there are at least 5 reviewers stating it is working well in their Razer with the latest BIOS.


    I am also very curious and will report back on if it actually enables XMP in the BIOS for my machine as there currently is no setting for this. Fingers crossed landink!
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    SOMNIOHM New Member

    So I am dying to know then how 3rd party companies like "HIDevolution" is modding and selling my mid 2020 Blade Pro 17.3 spec'd to the moon. (I posted this also elsewhere incase those here were not "watching" all related threads, so here..

    So has anyone had any success with this? Any further updates? I am still searching for a RELIABLE but still fast (3200Mhz) 64Gb option. I also use this PC for work as some others have stated above, that being said I do not want to d1ck around with spending another 400 dollars only to be installing my next endless migraine!
    I also noticed that you can buy these laptops (Pre-Modified) from "HIDevolution".. They literally offer modded units spec'd upto 8TB PCIe SSD and 64GB 2666MHz RAM.. WHAT DO THEY KNOW/DO that we do not!?!? WHY are they only using 2666??? These are all over Newegg for sale, only Newegg does not specify which RAM they are using. They only specify the speed.
    I suppose I will now go track down this "HIDevolution" co. and see what the actual F they are using. Please for the love of god someone resolve this!

    I look forward to one day here soon seeing that someone has found a solid solution so I can finally have a 64GB upgrade, as this16 just aint cuttn' it for me and Adobe ah hah!

    newegg.jpg RAM.jpg

    SOMNIOHM New Member

    Now I am just dying to know what this $360.00 "Approved Premium Option" gets me. I can only assume that this 3rd party company would not be offering/selling new "warrantied" units of such spec, that were not functioning properly and reliably...
    Literally my last resort is soon going to be buying another new freaking laptop from RAZER directly spec'd as far as I can from them, but knowing that its just been an irresolvable BIOS holdback the entire time thus utilizing my current 5 month old blade pro 17 here an otherwise depreciated investment as I try to sell it at what will only equate to an obvious loss. (‍♂️especially for those who MAY read this thread as a smart af, new looking to be buyer)
  17. landink

    landink New Member

    From what I've gathered when trying to research this myself, when it comes to 64 GB RAM upgrades for Razer Blade/Pro, almost just about every option out there seem work unreliably (if at all). But in the few cases where people report (minor?/initial) successes it is very rarely 3200, but usually either 2933 MHz or 2666 MHz. I'm guessing 2666 MHz might be more stable in some regard?

    I'm not familiar with HIDevolution so I might be entirely wrong about this, but being a bit of a skeptic, it wouldn't surprise me if this seller simply slams some relatively cheap 64 GB RAM into the laptop, and then sends it off without much checking/guarantee that the system will work reliably.
  18. landink

    landink New Member

    As mentioned I am starting to think that perhaps it might be the case that the "v1.0" BIOS that the early 2021 models are shipped with solves the RAM compatibility issues, at least for Razer Pro 17 (2021) with HyperX/64GB/3200 MHz.

    If so, then I would be interested to know if the new v1.0 BIOS could be installed on your 2020 Razer Pro (it wouldn't at all surprise me, as they are close to identical in terms of specs). The problem with testing whether this might work or not is that as far as I can tell Razer haven't added BIOS files for any of the 2021 models yet: http://drivers.razersupport.com//index.php?_m=downloads&_a=view&parentcategoryid=350&nav=0

    SOMNIOHM New Member

    I'm thinking the same thing. There is no way everyone who is experiencing these problems can relate it all to faulty RAM, let alone the individual not knowing how to install it. There is just no way.
    In regards to the BIOS though.. say they do release this, and I were to attempt this.. If I get it wrong or something goes wrong won't it instantly "brick" my PC with no way of going back?
    I currently show V1.06 and I highly doubt that RAZER listed incorrect spec of only having V1. I also believe that it is all new, or at least heavily revised.

    BIOS Version.jpg
  20. landink

    landink New Member

    Yes, it looks like the BIOS might be new. For comparison:

    Screenshot 2021-03-07 at 06.41.16.png
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