Who here has the QHD screen and likes it?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by FlyingTexan, Oct 25, 2016.

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  1. We hear about the issues with the QHD screen and scaling but not much about the pros of it. I'd like to hear from those that have it.

    I'm a pilot, I fly for a living, I travel a lot so I want a portable laptop. However battery life isn't that big of deal. I spend 150 days a year on the road and I don't even care much for battery life. So lets just talk quality of machine. No $$$ or battery life issues.

    I spend a lot of my time as a general user. For work I basically use Excel, Word, and the internet. I really use the laptop for browsing the web 80% of the time. I also watch most my TV on computers including my home 60" 4k TV. I have a 4k TV and it has a mac mini in it running hiDPI settings and looks beautiful, much better than just selecting 1080p did.

    Anyway I'm on CNN, ESPN, Youtube, netflix, and couchtuner a lot. I've been reading how there are so many people with scaling issues but what are they having the issues with? Is it random programs? Outside of excel and word, which scale to my retina macbook fine, I don't use any other programs other than games and internet. I basically want a great machine with horsepower and ability.

    The main thing that gets me is the touch screen. I'd be 100% for QHD if it didn't have touch I think it's a waste and attracts dust but my old touch screen was from 2012 so I'm sure things have changed. Regarding the QHD what's "Life outside of gaming" like? I don't mind scaling down to play a game but it's the other 80% of usage that I want to know works well. Are there hiDPI options that put a lower resolution on the screen but still take advantage of the higher pixel count?

    For those on the FHD what's it look like watching movies, browsing the web, and how's the brightness? Again I don't care about the cost or battery life here. But I was at best buy earlier looking at a 15.6" FHD and couldn't stand it. Meanwhile the surface book is sitting there looking absolutely stunning.
  2. Ridha_Baqshi

    Ridha_Baqshi Active Member

    I have a QHD+ model and it looks great. I never had any issues with scaling since I mostly use it for gaming, watching movies and using Microsoft office apps. I think people who have issues with scaling are those who use it for pro apps (maybe photoshop and video editing apps). The things I don't like about the screen is that it has some kind of grainy texure behind the screen which I think is due to being a touch screen. Also the glossy screen isn't great outdoors as it's very reflective. Everything else works great (Including YouTube and Netflix). I hope that helps you choose.
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  3. I have the QHD model but if you don't want the touch, I'd go for the FHD. I'd prefer matte. Save some money and get the 1080 and run it in 1080. I don't the resolution differences really justify the price bump, especially if you say you hook it up to external screens. The QHD does look beautiful, but does it look far better than the FHD? I don't think so.

    If you do get the QHD, you can always disable the touchscreen. Although again, I don't think it's worth it - I really enjoy using my touchscreen for web browsing and reading.
  4. brightcinder

    brightcinder Member

    I have the QHD+ screen, I like it. Scaling is only an issue with older/less popular apps; the browsers and Microsoft apps handle it fine. (I did, as I had expected, upgrade from an older Photoshop for this reason.)

    But with a 14" screen, unless you're doing detailed work the higher res screen doesn't gain you that much. For your uses 1080p sounds sufficient. Go into any computer store and check out similar sized systems and screen resolutions, that may help you make a decision.
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