Who's your favorite champion and why?

Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by Jesus5050, Mar 29, 2017.

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  1. Jesus5050

    Jesus5050 New Member

    Mine would have to be Cho'gath! He was the first champ I played and helped me reach Diamond, so he has a special place in my heart! :D
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  2. Pollychromacy

    Pollychromacy New Member

    Janna! I always got forced into support when I first started, so I tried out all the supports and found Janna! I really like how she goes vroom vroom and now she's my favourite champion!
  3. swiftwilly1986

    swiftwilly1986 New Member

    Garen is pretty easy to play and easy to get good at it
  4. Penaario

    Penaario New Member

    My favorite is the river king Tahm Kench.
  5. Zetvee

    Zetvee New Member

    If i have to pick 1, it's my most played champ: Nasus.
    Combined with the infernal skin a real monster.
    Stacking, farming, it's a kind of yoga for me. Chillin' farming, waiting.
    After 20 minutes, testing your Q on the enemy and then deciding :D!

    If you farm too much, you will end up a huge monster, so they try to deny you, and towerdive to kill you. That's when the funpart starts: w on the most damaging enemy, then hold your ult till the last moment for maximum bait. And just CTRL + 3 when their HP slowly decreases to 0.

    I got dragged away a bit :z!
  6. Mr.Scratch

    Mr.Scratch New Member

    Viktor, he is amazing in every category except movement. it always feels like im a bulky russian tank making my way around xD His lore is also one of my favorite parts about him
  7. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

  8. rg13xx

    rg13xx Member

    How could it not be Master Yi??? RIP skills :joy::joy::joy:
  9. Lonewolf2750

    Lonewolf2750 New Member

    Yasuo is my favorite. When I first saw someone play him I thought the champion was so cool and then I started to save up IP for him. When I first played him I knew he was going to be my favorite. However, lore wise Kindred would have to be my favorite since it's just so interesting.
  10. Shastor15

    Shastor15 New Member

    Lucian would have to be my favorite. He is such a fun champion to play because of the fact he keeps you so engaged mechanically with the double shot passive, and his dashes. Love the BORK first item rush on him.
  11. Bolterino

    Bolterino Active Member

    Vayne is my favourite champ.
    She has high mobility, a dash every 2 sec , she's capable of reposition herself becoming invisible for one secondo and u can do rhis 3/4 times in a team fight(even plat/dia players go for mosquitos when u become invisible :v) , she has high burst thanks to her r+q and high dps (especially against tank) with her w! I love her too much
    The only annying thing is that she suck in some matchups.
    A honorable mention for cait jinx tristana and ashe that together with vayne make my ranked champion pool :)
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  12. UltimaPhoenix

    UltimaPhoenix New Member

    Singed is my favorite champ. Looking enemies dying while they are chasing you is so funny, like this :)
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  13. gld23as

    gld23as New Member

    Thresh!! Cause i am the God Thresh!
    O.P. skills to haunt enemies or to save your teammates.
    I have all Thresh's skins and i feel someone else everytime i play him. Something else
  14. tdking01

    tdking01 Active Member

    Teemo , don't ask me why .Just for the memes.
  15. xkronoss

    xkronoss New Member

    I like too many champions but right now my favorite its ziggs, cause hes so anoying for the enemy ,you can get enogh kills using R on the other lines when they need it and most of players get tilt when playing againts him hes also a little fragil but has to much damage and if you use it well its GGWP pretty much so that why.... so fun to play
  16. Rendaz

    Rendaz New Member

    Urgot, best hyper carry in the game...
  17. Velkoz support, nobody expect it :D and it deals so much damage if you do your combo :) of course good skillshot is needed ^^
  18. Brian8253

    Brian8253 New Member

    Aatrox in general. Love the idea for the champ, but still requires a bit more tweaking for more people to play. Still love playing him though XD
  19. CoolPainting

    CoolPainting New Member

    Lol, but for reals. I bet you when his rework come's out it'll be op.
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  20. Mizza_Party

    Mizza_Party Member

    It changes from time to time but right now I enjoy champs I'm at least 'decent' with.

    And that is:




    ----- T R A N S I T I O N -----​

    If you'd caught on I'm decent with ez pez (easy peasy) champs.

    Veigar's most powerful ability is click to win and you get stronger and stronger for just farming!

    Ivern doesn't jungle like other champs, all he does is mark a camp and later, it's ready for breakfast. There's not really a risk in taking a camp cause when you don't have mana and or health for it you just can't!

    Kindred is more complex than Veigar and (maybe) Ivern, I thought I wouldn't be able to play them for the longest time! But then.. I came back. And I was actually ''kinda'' good! Now I usually spam these champs.

    ----- T R A N S I T I O N -----​

    Only exception is when I wanna play other champs like; Teeto, Shrek'Sai etc.

    Have a great day!
    Side note: I am mastery level 6 with Veigar. I am sorry. It just wasn't meant to be but it happened one day.
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