why cortex (beta)?

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by PM2116H19435856, Jan 23, 2023.

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    Game boosters have in general a bad reputation. Most of them are at best a war to push advertising being little more than bloatware, others try to gather customer data and at worst are outright malware (and classified as such).

    Now clearly synapse does all this excep the latter. Its actually a useful piece of software joining an elaborate club consisting of just two entries, this one included, the other one being the piriform CC cleaner.

    Now you shold know what you do if you use these tools, as they allow deep system access of which deleting your entire downloads folder or stripping your browser of all known passwords are probably still on the mild end.

    Surely on a system which is set up optimally these programs show only little effect. They can, however be a nice tool to get there relatively quickly and painlessly.

    Speaking of the CC cleaner there is a mayor feature still amiss in cortex which CC does remarkably well an that is searching and updating new drivers. You should look into it.

    The game booster has a few nice features, namely clearing up RAM, preventing multi core systems to shut down cores in power save mode and putting the system in performance mode.

    Messing with program priorities is a mixed bag, however, especially when used with multi monitor setups watching a stream besides a game.

    You can however lock out that damn windows key and key lock functions which on its own probably justifies the use of the program.

    Then there is the prime booster which allows external gpu tweaks outside of a game with a simple slider in a meanigful way espwcially for people overwhelmed by all the technicalities - who probably shouldnt mess with the program for aforementioned reasons at all.

    The real icing on the cake is the system booster though, dangerous as it is to use, it can be easily reset to standard values again, it has to be said. Here many professional tweaks are bundled in a nice Ui that can manage the OS up to which tasks shouls run. Just because you can deactivate everything not neccessary to run a game doesnt mean you should. A nice selection of features on the other hand can greatly enhance system response.

    Sure you can set up everything manually but it will be a few weeks. Therefore it is recomended.
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    This is both good and bad situation.
    It's recommended to have the newest / up-to-date drivers, but sometimes, the newest doesn't mean the best - there are many situations, that after driver update there was performance issue.
  3. PM2116H19435856

    PM2116H19435856 New Member

    Absolutely true.
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