Why i wont be buying razer products in futer(offline mode)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Munchy22, May 1, 2021.

  1. Munchy22

    Munchy22 New Member

    how many times does my internet go offline, 1-3 times a year? at least once every 2 years im offline for a good chunck of the day. Problem is i have a razer keyboard, 3 of them and without online on all i get is a flashing many colours cyle bs. If i chose or make a colour scheeme for the 200 uk pounds the keyboards cost i expect it to hold my choice offline. God as sad as id be to have just one colour on and stay static, its still not enbough withm a expensive keyboard, but razer cant even do that. i have a corsair 70 pounds mechanical keyboard and you dont have to be online to set the coulours up or keep your setup.

    i remember there used to be a offline mode which most of the time was broken and even then youd still have to be online to open up software. By by razer, great keyborads exept the lighing, ive had enough.

    How many other people feel this way, id love to know. I cant be the only one.
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