Why is there no Chroma Naga (Yet)?

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Verthaa, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. Verthaa

    Verthaa Active Member

    Good morning! So, I am in the middle of a PC build and already have a Deathstalker and a Naga. Both are needed for games like World of Warcraft. I have been planning on buying a Chroma Blackwidow and the Krakens, but not the Deathadder. I had a Deathadder in the past, and there is nothing wrong with it, but it doesn't have the amount of buttons necessary for a game like WoW. Why isn't there a Chroma Naga? Just wondering. Thanks everyone!
  2. HisDivineOrder

    HisDivineOrder New Member

    I agree with this, but I guess they figure the Naga Epic is pretty close to a version of this. Would prefer a newer Naga based on Chroma though.
  3. wbreen

    wbreen New Member

    ya the "naga epic" is in essence a "naga chroma" it honestly would only take a software update but im sure they will release a new one with the chroma line, its been a while since they re-uped that one
  4. Joss4n

    Joss4n Member

    I have the Razer Naga Epic. I don't really think that they need to make a Chroma one. But in my opinion it would be cool if they could maybe add the Naga Epic to the Chroma lightning system.
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  5. MichaelNorth

    MichaelNorth New Member

    I would love to see a Naga Chroma. The Epic doesn't have mechanical buttons on the side grid like the new Naga and the software doesn't allow for millions of colors, it allows for about thirty-two not to mention that the chroma sync feature is also missing. I personally ran into several problems with the Epic that may or may not be normal behavior for it but since it's my only experience I'll just assume that it's normal.

    Rant starts here. Skip if uninterested.

    Some of the problems that plagued me included that my Epic never changed colors when changing profiles, in fact, it usually changed to black and stayed that way until switched off and on again. The battery life also sucked. I can play a game for two days straight with an Xbox 360 rechargeable battery pack but the Naga Epic only lasts like eight hours before recharging and if it dies while in use it takes roughly twenty seconds to get charged enough to use in wired mode. Why isn't it instantly back online? I guess I'll never know. I always had to remember to charge it at night which means I always forgot to charge it at night and it may as well have been a wired mouse. Not exactly a gamer's dream device. It was still a good mouse but only if you want to use it in wired mode with the lights turned off. My Naga Epic may have been a dud, I'll admit that, but with everything that made it special not working for me I returned it to the store and started using my Naga Molten again.

    On the bright side the max-sized Goliathus that I bought at the same time works perfectly.
    If you did read my rant I'd love to hear that my experience was unique. It might convince me to buy another Epic, though with a new Chroma version of something being announced like every week I'll probably just wait.
  6. Joss4n

    Joss4n Member

    I've never had problem with the profiles. :confused: I'm using the wire for my Epic so I wouldn't know about the battery.. It sounds horrible though :slightly_sad:
  7. VoDkAvi

    VoDkAvi New Member

    The epic does have multi-lighting but doesnt have the lighting effects of the chroma line. They're probably going to redesign the Naga a bit before the chroma version. Hopefully a better balance between the Epic and the new version with mechanical buttons.

    SUPERCILEX Active Member

    I think they are going to expand, at least, that's what I read...

    I have the Naga Epic but am Impatiently waiting for a new Naga to come out, hopefully with the Chroma features.
    I do think that is normal because I returned my old Naga Epic, but am still having a few problems with the new one. The problems only happens in wireless mode so I don't mind, but I still want a new naga. For me, my problems with the wireless feature were:
    -slow response to keymap/profile changes
    -sometimes unable to change keymaps
    -low battery life
    -lag out, meaning the mouse stopped responding (only with the one I returned)
    I think Razer tried to get to much info to transfer wirelessly with tech that is too old. The tech wasn't old at the time, but now it is.

    Like I said before, I love this mouse in wired mode :D but am impatiently awaiting a new Naga Chroma. With more advanced tech, I think the new Naga should have:
    -Chroma lighting
    -Wireless/Wired mode
    -interchangeable side grip with the rubber stuff
    If Razer is able to fit all that into the new Naga, wow! Just wow. I would be amazed! I can't wait! :) :D
  9. Verthaa

    Verthaa Active Member

    All I have to say is that we asked and we received. Thanks Razer!
  10. RAzErJaCk91

    RAzErJaCk91 Member

    Hence.... it comes the Razer Naga Epic Chroma ~ ;)

  11. Quailstick

    Quailstick Well-Known Member

    I avoided upgrading my Naga Molten for 8 months just for this to come out. Glad I waited :0
  12. TugboatSpenny

    TugboatSpenny Active Member

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