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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by DulceLariz, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. DulceLariz

    DulceLariz New Member

    I don't want to offend anyone only want to hear you'r opinion about this controversial topic.

    And one thing i like PC gaming it's we can modify the controls depends how we are more comfortable, and you?
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  2. Estius

    Estius New Member

    I love pc gaming because of the flexibility. Usually most games that come out will be moddable or simply have the option to pump the graphics far higher than the console equivalent. Also the multiplayer options are far more versatile and well supported.
  3. Lokhang

    Lokhang New Member

    PC gaming has been my only focus because I feel like it gives the most control, and is the most economical. I don't need to spend time to learn new controls, (the mouse is already second nature from school/work) and I don't need to buy an expensive console just to play a new game.
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  4. Mike1282

    Mike1282 New Member

    I personally love pc gaming because of multitasking, i can do like 20 things at the same time as playing games, i love being able to do that sort of thing while being able to play games with the best graphics.
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  5. ServedHot

    ServedHot New Member

    There no why i just do....
  6. Mus925

    Mus925 Member

    I love PC gaming as it is the easiest platform to play with your friends as I highly doubt anyone who is into gaming does not have a desktop/laptop to play on.
  7. roukken

    roukken New Member

    I love pc gaming because it makes me feel like I have more control over my stuff, also because I have so much more options to play than with just a console oh and I hate so much waiting for the loooong loading timers from some console games, in a good pc those aren't usually long unless the game itself isn't well programmed ;)
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  8. Vahti

    Vahti New Member

    Because if a game isn't working well on my PC, I can usually either get a better part, adjust some settings, or mod the game, and then get it working. Granted, I don't have a TON of experience with console gaming, but I'm fairly certain it's a lot harder to change the hardware and software.
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  9. I play for the social aspect in steam, quality of the graphics under the players control. Also the options for controls in games are much more expansive and customizable.
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  10. tauzins

    tauzins New Member

    graphics and ability to tune everything the way i like, also the fact that i can just multitask with no lag.
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  11. Big wigs should push the bar on these games and cap the console versions. PC gamers know what gaming is all about and build rigs to maximize gaming experience.
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  12. tauzins

    tauzins New Member

    ^ this i would have to agree with, most pc gamers can apreciate certain console games but know the fact that pc gaming is much superior
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  13. The problem I keep running into (although most games run and look fine) is that these ports are terribly optimized for PC
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  14. Brutum

    Brutum New Member

    I enjoy PC gaming because I feel like if specs are needed to be upgraded to play the latest version of a game instead of spending hundreds of dollars etc on a new system and having all my previous games not able to played, I can simply customize my PC on various parts that are specifically needed for upgrading and still regularly use all my old games on the same desktop. Also, if I want to play an online version of a game I'd rather not have to pay monthly ontop of having already paying for internet services, so that should be enough to connect me with others unless it's a subscription type game. I can also hook up my preferred controller or joystick (if it's supported), so I don't necessarily have to use a mouse and keyboard, though with my Molten Naga it's generally what I prefer.
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  15. Gabbana

    Gabbana New Member

    Pc gaming is great because you have the mice. It's what makes me love pc gaming better than console gaming. You can deside yourself how fast you want to turn around, in counter to console gaming where you only have a constant motion. Also I love that you can play moods in a lot of pc games
  16. spencelele

    spencelele Member

    PC master race!

    • Consoles are just over priced, restricted PC's, so I don't see a point in them.
    • People play at higher skill levels on PC because mice/keyboard has a lot more control then a controller.
    • You don't have to drop $400-600 everytime a new consoles drops.
    • I've used the same PC set-up for 3 years without adding/upgrading anything and I can play everything.
      We get most of the games consoles get.
    • Less filthy casuals.
    • THE BEST PART: Wayyyy less kids screaming random stuff in the mic, thankgod.
  17. Wiggen94

    Wiggen94 New Member

    • Better graphics
    • Free games
    • Cheaper to own/build
    • I prefer it in FPS games, much easier to aim
    • I can multitask and do other stuff when I'm waiting for something
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  18. Aliazam

    Aliazam Member

    because GRAPHICS. and yeah, way powerful than a console.

    PC FTW! ;)
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  19. Senri

    Senri Member

    I am going with variety.

    Of course console games, Xbox 1-360, PS1-4... blah... have their deluxe games and such. However, PC can play either, sometimes through emulators (which suck most times but u get the general idea), or through Steam. Either way PC has more function and flexibility, unless you never use facebook once a while inbetween gaming, or even messaging ur GF XD
  20. RivaL

    RivaL New Member

    Cause i can change the components and its much better with mouse and tastatur
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