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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by DulceLariz, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. Rebelexile

    Rebelexile New Member

    I've flitted with consoles in my time but have always played on pc from way back when. The variety of games and genres I still feel can't be matched by what's offered on console and the communities I've been privileged to be part of just add that something extra special. Yes you can multi-task and upgrade components individually - which I've done on many, many occasions and this does add to the whole pc gaming experience but at the end of the day, it's just miles better :)
  2. Vamarelon

    Vamarelon New Member

    PC games tend to have more depth and personally my PC setup is far comfier than hijacking the TV.
  3. hengst2404

    hengst2404 Member

    As I am certain many have already said, outside of all the many reasons I prefer PC gaming, the fact that in this digital era of PC gaming, sales are always around the corner. Why pay 60 for the Evil Within when you can get it for 20? This may not necessarily be good for gaming companies, but the frequency and quality of the sales is such that I never feel like I am overpaying for anything.
  4. _ramsey_

    _ramsey_ Active Member

    I don't do a lot of gaming. I think if I did, my answer would be

    no "pointy hats"

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  5. berry96

    berry96 New Member

    I like PC-gaming because of the flexibility of the hardware and the various games which are available.
  6. tehayshun

    tehayshun Member

    I love the flexibility of PC Gaming (graphics customisation, precise controls, modding in some games) and the growing indie gaming scene
  7. StRoNgKG1

    StRoNgKG1 New Member

    Cause Jogability and graphics
  8. Archpimp

    Archpimp New Member

    Flexibility. Can customize controls, play ancient games, make new and old games beautiful, and being able to build new a machine from scratch is a blast.
  9. StatixPrime

    StatixPrime Member

    A high quality game is like artwork. I want to have the option to push my graphics card as hard as I can. Having the ability to modify your rig and peripherals is just awesome. A custom PC rig is a pretty good reflection the person who built it. The games and ability to play all of them is just rewarding in itself.
  10. Ranedear

    Ranedear New Member

    Because of the graphics.
  11. I like pc gaming to, but sometimes consoles are easy to use to. But i'm getting sick and tired of the discussion between xbox and playstation, so if they start I just tell them that I prefer pc gaming. And in most games you can do much more on a pc like mods and stuff wich is nice to, But these days you'll need and good pc and good internet to play online games without lagg and stuff xD
  12. ChadHawk

    ChadHawk New Member

    Less restrictions, better graphics, and it is just easier to use a mouse and keyboard. And there is nothing better than building your own PC and saying
    "Hey that's mine. I built that beautiful thing".
  13. Malevolence23

    Malevolence23 Active Member

    • Better graphics
    • Computer is usable for more then just gaming, therefore a better investment then a console system.
    • A lot of PC games are moddable allowing for the gaming community to add their own creative vision to the game.
    • Can upgrade piece by piece rather then having to buy a whole new console. New graphic card came out? Get it and stick it in. Instead of the 5-6 year turn over rate of consoles.
    • Can use a controller just like on a console

    There is only one downside to PC gaming and that is console games are specifically designed for co-op while on the same system where PC gaming usually has to go through some kind of network and you can not do multi-player on the same machine.
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  14. Hundreds of games, hardware posibilities.
    I do have a laptop, so its easy for me to travel and play everywhere i only want.

    Upgrades are really easy to do, even on a laptop :)
  15. CederickLP

    CederickLP Member

    I like it becasue I don't need to pay Playstation Plus or Xbox Live and can mod the hell out of games and get new community patch/fixes even 10 years after game release
  16. CederickLP

    CederickLP Member

    Tastatur is Keyboard right?
  17. mywc123

    mywc123 Member

    Free Multiplayer, cheaper games, better hardware, more customaztion options. But mainly more game variety. I think main stream Video game developers stick too close to the same tried and true formulas so you don't get much variety or innovation
  18. Quentix

    Quentix Member

    Performance, Flexibility, Mods, Servers, no paid online services, all the games that exist only on PC, it's cheaper (for games and even hardware if you're not the ultra-settings addict).. The ONLY thing I find bad about PC gaming is the lack of split screen compared to consoles
  19. My parents never bought any consoles or handhelds. So as a kid I the only thing I could play on was the computer. If I wanted to play on a console or a handheld I would have had to go to a friend's house to do so.
  20. Yaki1337

    Yaki1337 New Member

    mouse > gamepad :D

    And my pc is absolut silent, my PS4 is loud als hell :S yey watercooling ftw!
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