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Wifi Calling Razer Phone

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by RepubliCommando, Feb 4, 2018.

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  1. So I'm with Freedom Mobile, (I know not the best), but I can't get wifi calling to pick up when I am out of service range but still have wifi...
    It's a useful feature that I believe only Razer can actually enable per carrier. So this thread is for anyone with the same issue / solution / petition to get Razer to enable Wifi calling for more Canada and US carriers like Freedom Mobile.
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  2. Bruce_wayne8887

    Bruce_wayne8887 New Member

    When I was on Mint(T-Mobile) they only supported so many phones with wifi calling so it may be the carrier isn't allowing it.
  3. TheOne2134

    TheOne2134 New Member

    I'm with rogers and wife is with freedom we both get WiFi calling. You have to call 611 and ask for tech support then give them your IMEI to be added manually for VoLTE and WiFi calling. Once you do that it will be enabled within 48 hours. I'm abroad right now and I'm using my phone on WiFi as if I was in Canada.
  4. I just called Freedom and they said it was impossible to go through with that process.
    Apparently it's a software update needed by Razer... Which being RAZER is never going to fricken happen.
    Thanks for help though buddy, are you sure Freedom was able to get it working on your end? There's a wifi calling logo upper right corner when you call and stuff?
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