Will Dota 2 Become a Dead Game? Slow Escalation of Prize Pool and others..

Discussion in 'DOTA 2 Talk' started by Zwindchung, Jul 28, 2017.

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  1. Zwindchung

    Zwindchung New Member

    As Dota 2 is getting less new and active players and the prize pool of TI7 not much bigger than TI6, it really incur ones to think about the future of Dota 2.

    Not a fresh news as even famous commentator Toby "Tobiwan" Dawson has before raised potential and on-going problems of Dota 2 in social media regarding the tournaments and policies carried out by Valve.

    In my opinion, Valve needs to carry out some measures to allow smaller tournaments to occur in Dota 2 scene like before. Having too many major events dramatically hurt the number of other tournaments and participants. Besides, for gameplay, ever since the beginning of 7.00 and phone verification. The increase in learning curve and complexity of dota 2 have prevented new users from playing the game.

    So, what's your opinion? Please share and let everyone who loves Dota 2 knows.
  2. TheWill42

    TheWill42 Active Member

  3. Jazza2400

    Jazza2400 Well-Known Member

    Asking if it will be a dead game is very subjective, how YOU measure a games liveliness compared to how others measure varies substantially. Is it tracking the prize money? The amount of players? Quality of updates? Just because these change doesn't directly indicate that a game is dying. You'll get a influx of new players during tournaments and patches and they aren't representative of the games stable long term statistics.
  4. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    Well, I had the same questions myself about this game, but I think that Valve made some good decisions in keeping the game alive: support for Majors and Minors (tournaments) and newcomer stream (alongside with that new system for beginners).
    And that new trailer looks very nice :big_grin_:

    P.S. 11 Majors and 11 Minors for next competitive season are a good indicator of how things are going, if you ask me.
  5. Naruedyoh

    Naruedyoh Member

    Not a huge Dota 2 fan, but calling it a dead game when it's one of the most played games in Steam is kinda not knowing the point
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  6. PCardenuto

    PCardenuto New Member

    I don't think Dota will die so early
  7. a82320

    a82320 Member

    will, not much more than TI6, but still much more than most of the tournaments.
    I say DOTA2 is doing more than ok, and its still great.
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  8. EsricGodbear

    EsricGodbear New Member

    Whats your opinion now that Valve has announced the changes in tournament format?

    (sidenote: I believe that the prizepool grows minimally $2.4 million every year, I haven't looked at the numbers in a minute, but it's not a small amount. Sidesidenote: Dota 2 is the record holder for most prize money delved out in history by an eSport)
  9. ch6_6

    ch6_6 Member

    Will dead after 5 years.
  10. Farees_Raza

    Farees_Raza New Member

    The player base might be getting smaller because of the tough new user experience (flaming and stuff). Results in old players retiring and not many new ones to take up their spots. In terms of esports it's still pretty godly tho tbh. I'm kind of interested in when they'll stop adding new heroes because you obviously can't keep doing that. Maybe when the last hero is finally released then it'll slowly start to die down.
  11. shamaraenixia

    shamaraenixia New Member

    And this is why I personally think what makes DOTA2 great, there is that complexity in the game that requires you to have. Each update requires you to know and read the changelog and not be surprised during actual gameplay. This is just my opinion though.
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  12. iubjaved

    iubjaved Active Member

    To be honest, if someone develops a game that looks better than dota 2, more complex on professional level, highly customizable , unique and large pool of heroes, more realistic graphic than what we experience in dota 2, different maps/zones/regions , story mode to explore all the maps and get to know all the hero lores and stuff, i am pretty sure dota 2 will die then. I have played next best moba there is , that is league of legends but i didn't like the way it looks. To be honest, dota 2 heroes and the graphic are more realistic looking than what LoL offers. But i am a dota 2 fan so unless there's something that comes which is better than dota2, i am not leaving anytime soon xD
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  13. angkaiwen

    angkaiwen New Member

    TI7 had the largest prize pool in history for ANY esports tournament. if thats not enough money to sustain an esport (considering that a large portion of that prize money comes from fans' purchases)....

    but anyway. i think what will keep an esport alive is the community. as long as there are fans, advocates and people who are passionate about dota not just as a game but as a lifestyle, it will endure the test of time. there were those who said that Dota was looking dead after TI4 - when it was a battle between Newbee and Vici Gaming at the Grand Finals with deathball strats. At that point in time, the professional player pool was looking a little jaded and the greats (Na'Vi, Alliance, iG...etc) were not that great anymore.

    But TI5 saw not just Sumail but many others joining the scene. and of course, in Team Liquid, other than Kuro, the rest of the team are relatively new faces. both Matumbaman and Mind Control have played at the top level for only about 2-3 years. This was Miracle's 2nd ever professional team after his pubstar days. and of course, GH was the breakout god of the tournament.

    so, even if the player base supposedly shrinks or hits its critical mass (which i doubt it as more and more youths start to discover the joy of computer games), it is for the fans amongst that player base to support the esport. i do not have statistics, but i am sure that the legions of esports fans are comparable to that of traditional sports, where the rules have not changed since time immemorial.

    and Dota can certainly evolve. it already updated once (to Dota 2 Reborn) for an engine and graphics refresh. we might even have VR dota matches in the future. the future of esports is limitless.

    and yes you can tell i am a fervent dota fanatic who dragged all my friends down for an overnighter to watch TI7 losers finals and grand finals and cheered till i was hoarse.
  14. EndlessEnvoy

    EndlessEnvoy New Member

    Its impossible ~ dota for itself have more than 13 years ~ and dota 2 6 years ~ And every year we have new talent joining dota 2 for the posibilitys. Valve only need stop the grinding about the compendium and bring more events, change the matchmaking system and adding seasons for mmr. Its all.
  15. The_Titan1912

    The_Titan1912 New Member

    It'll only die once mobas stop being popular. Dota has loads of people who still play since dota 1, and it is now trying to pull in new players. I seriously doubt that it'll die any time soon. Ideally they could make an optional "easy mode" for new players before pushing them into the full game.
  16. Davide992

    Davide992 New Member

    we actually can't define how much a game can survive in this "meta"
  17. Bronache

    Bronache New Member

    The prize pool also can just reach a limiting point. The big spenders are still spending big even during the down times of compendiums. 20+ million dollars is still insane amounts of money, no matter the growth.
  18. ApocryPao

    ApocryPao New Member

    Find some friends to play with and think again :)
  19. SomnusXV

    SomnusXV Member

    It's gonna be more alive than before because of the new 6 MONTHS RANK BAN if your consistency on getting LP gets too frequent (or too cancerous)
  20. kakerushin

    kakerushin Well-Known Member

    Dead game? I don't think it'll ever be.
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