Will the Manufacturers Warranty cover replacement fans and speakers?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by aeroJADECornellRed469, Apr 20, 2021.

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  1. Hi Razer Fam,
    In need of some advice before I spiral into anxiety. I sent my laptop in for repairs because I was having issues with the fan (it was running really loudly) I got the diagnosis today (without a price quote attached) and I was told these items would be in need of replacement:

    13012877-00 D5 C Cover Assy_US-------------part number RC05-03270800-0000

    D3 Speaker_Left-------------part number 12553010-00

    CPU Fan_0FM5D0000H--------------part number 12750661-00

    GPU Fan_0FLK70000H-------------------part number 12589473-00

    I was also informed that there is a minor spill inside.

    I only got my laptop about 8 months ago and I also purchased Razer Care Elite with it. I was told by a Razer care agent that Razer Elite covers accidental damage (the spill) and I should not have to come out pocket for anything since I am still under the manufacturers warranty.(apparently it covers parts and labor) Just want to verify that this is the case and understand the process a bit better. Please help and thank you in advance.
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    Since you already talked to our RazerCare Team, you will want to contact them about the repair arrangements. As far as I know, you will still have to send the laptop back to us so our Repair Team can perform the repairs for things to be covered under your Razer Elite. You will want to give the team a call at 800-210-2281.
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