Will the new Razer Blade 14 run in SLI w/ Core?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Ur2eZ_4_Me, Mar 17, 2016.

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  1. Ur2eZ_4_Me

    Ur2eZ_4_Me Active Member

    Will the new Razer Blade 14 (2016) be able to utilize its 970M when running an eGPU from the Core? Or will it be limited to the eGPU when connected? It would be awesome if it could utilize both for rendering, not sure if this is possible though.
  2. mdaly001

    mdaly001 Active Member

    Dont think it is possible.
  3. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    It's one or the other, not both.
  4. BarrothHS

    BarrothHS Active Member

    I can't agree too 100%, because I think it should be possible with DirectX 12. Maybe it could be even possible in the future to run 2 cores together.

    Macbook Pro eGPU SLI
  5. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    It has nothing to do with Direct X, and everything to do with Intel and the way a CPU is configured.
  6. spider2k

    spider2k Member

    that and it's 2 different gpu's. i thought SLI had to be the same.
  7. BarrothHS

    BarrothHS Active Member

    DirectX 12 will allow to cross different GPUs even Nvidia with AMD without needing them to be connected to each other.
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  8. spider2k

    spider2k Member

    as if sli wasn't flaky enough. i bet that's going to be fun!
  9. KillStealzzz

    KillStealzzz Active Member

    DirectX 12 seems to be the solution and I think it's still possible.
    Because if my understanding is correct then what DirectX 12 do is that it devide the workload and then distribute them to seperated GPU, therefore it can enhance performance by utilize your onboard GPU + your VGA card(s).
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  10. BarrothHS

    BarrothHS Active Member

    There are some funny benchmarks out there which show that Nvidia and AMD GPUs run better, if they are mixed rather than staying with one company.

    I don't think that's how competition works. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

    But I think having best of both worlds sounds great.
  11. TrueLightbringer

    TrueLightbringer Active Member

    Keep in mind that it has to be supported by that particular game however; support for multi-different-GPU setups has to be specifically built in to that game, and not just a "oh, all games from DX12 onwards will support it" kind of thing.
  12. Zikiko

    Zikiko Active Member

    SLI and Crossfire only, and only works when two of the same card are being used together, since the 960M/970M isn't a full card with the SLI or Crossfire adapter, the won't be able to run in SLI or Crossfire. To use this technology correctly you'd need two 960 cards, 970 or 980 cards, anything of the same model (Brands don't factor in this, you can have a reference 980 with an EVGA 980 if you so wanted) Check out this SLI and Crossfire As Fast As Possible from Techquickie
  13. TrueLightbringer

    TrueLightbringer Active Member

    Not necessarily anymore, my friend. Enjoy being astounded as you read this article. Which might be why it could work in this case, but obviously, no one knows just yet.
  14. Recaro

    Recaro New Member

    I hope not. I hope by limiting the CPU and disable the intern GPU and only using the eGPU helps a lot to keep the blade cool and provide longer lifetime for the parts inside.
  15. Ur2eZ_4_Me

    Ur2eZ_4_Me Active Member

    Why would you hope not? You could easily disable the feature, if it were to work.
  16. mintouch

    mintouch Active Member

    IMPOSSIBLE. SLI needs an bridge which connects both or more nvidia GPUs.
    but in this setup you mentioned, it can't be happened.
  17. holja

    holja Member

    SLI is impossible. Would be cool if you can use the 970M as a PhysX card, though.
  18. Active13245

    Active13245 Active Member

    Not true my friend. With DX12 it is possible to connect AMD and Nvidia. And the most funny part is, that AMD and Nvidia together have better performance then two same cards ;) You can search for some tests. click

    In this option SLI/Crossfire is impossible because Core has only one graphics cards slot, it means that there is no way to do it. Or...you could buy two cores, very long bridge and ofc laptop with two usb 3.1 thunderbolt connections. However, imagine how low performance would you get. Slow CPU + only 40 Gbps (it is 5GB/s in laboratory) and PCIE x16 has 32GB/s so yeah, that's huge difference ;)
  19. Icesick06

    Icesick06 Member

    Technically, PCIE 3.0 x16 is only 16 GB/s (15760 MB/s) but because it can transfer and receive at the same time, I see where you got the 32GB/s from. Same is true for thunderbolt 3. its 5GB/s but can also transfer and receive simultaneously making a total of 10GB/s (5 up/ 5 down)
  20. Active13245

    Active13245 Active Member

    Maybe it's true. Still it's a lot of difference ;)
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