Will the Sabertooth be in stock for the sale?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DigitalDarkness, Jan 12, 2015.

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  1. The sabertooth is seriously something i have been needing to buy for a while now as my 360 controller i use on pc is trashed... This sale was going to be my excuse to finally get one, but its not in stock.... please tell me they are able to be ordered in this sale... id much rather buy one from the source than get another cheap pos gamestop controller...
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  2. pataspike

    pataspike New Member

    I really hope too, it looks like an amazing controller
  3. Ya, i have been trying to get one for 2 years now, but the prices went up while its primary platform (360) became obsolete... Without a sale, there wont be a purchase, and without it in stock durring a sale, then there goes any chance id buy it. :cool:
  4. SuchPanda

    SuchPanda New Member

    Wow I didn't know Razer made controllers as well. That's new.
  5. Kaishen-

    Kaishen- New Member

    They were in stock before, when the sale started. There might come new ones for the sale in the end of the month, but I wouldn't be too sure.
  6. I have been checking constantly since 12 hours before the sale and never saw them in stock.... was never notified either
  7. Kaishen-

    Kaishen- New Member

    It was on stock for me (Europe, Sweden). But maybe it's different depending on where you live?
  8. They have been making them for years. Before the Sabertooth was the Onza. I would have loved an Onza with its adjustable thumb sticks, but they are no longer available and the sabertooth has a much nicer d-pad anyway
  9. possibly. i was trying even to order from Canada (im in USA), but every time i clicked on the product page in the canadian site, it threw me back to the US site version... so i couldnt order.
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