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Windows 10 v 2004 with Blade 15 Mid 2019 Advance

Discussion in 'Systems' started by fireflameQ, Aug 23, 2020.

  1. fireflameQ

    fireflameQ New Member


    I have read up so many stories on reddit and other forums on Windows 10 v2004 problems.

    Does it work well? any problems with keyboard chroma, drivers, etc?

    Appreciate any advice .
  2. fireflameQ

    fireflameQ New Member

    Anyone on Windows 10 r 2004?
  3. crypticc

    crypticc Member

    anyone? lol
  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It shouldn’t be a problem with chroma lightning maybe with drivers, however you can always go back to previous build if you find problems on new windows version as long you don’t manually delete the recovery portion or add n new
  5. crypticc

    crypticc Member

    Well I installed on (RB Adv mid 2019 1080/144) yesterday. First install didn't stick but second attempt did. I don't think the install could've even downloaded successfully as it completed and failed much too quickly. The second install took yonks to "prepare" once downloaded but ultimately worked once rebooted and the usual blue-screen installation process.

    No issues to report yet (I've only done a bit of audio testing, you-tube and this reply. Both realtek audio issues that I'd seen commonly reported that put me off the upgrade don't seem to affect me so happy there:
    • Bluetooth headphones fine on both headphone mode and headset modes.
    • Wired headphones also fine but with the usual finicky connection popup that you have to get to in time to set as "headphone-always".
    I don't use chroma outside ok keyboard and mouse which I have configured with different lighting around the function keys and regular keys and Razer mouse synchronised to cycling spectrum colours which also works.

    Last edited: Sep 6, 2020
  6. fireflameQ

    fireflameQ New Member

    Thanks. let me give it a try.
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