Windows driver foundation 100% cpu usage when using razer synapse 2.0

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by rozemrowkiwibratordodupk, Dec 22, 2018.

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  1. So i looked into task manager one day to see that Windows Driver Foundation is using 50% of my cpu after i turned synapse off it went away any ideas on how to fix this issue?
  2. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    I send you a pm with fix guide cheack it and send feedback if this help you,
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  3. qwert2812

    qwert2812 New Member

    Would you please post it here as a post so other people like me who have similar problems could try?
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  4. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    This is few second on gogle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i probably post this if this was a offcial Microsoft forum but it's not ;/
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  5. Arcite520

    Arcite520 Member

    Same problem here, in my case Razer Electra V2 is keeping my CPU at 50-60% load - Windows Driver Foundation - WUDFHost.exe being the process. Once i disconnect the headset/or disable Synapse, my CPU usage goes back to normal. Fresh OS installation here, Windows 10 Pro 64bits - build 1809 .

    Did try uninstalling/reinstalling Synapse 2.0 .. no go. Can someone please post a solution to this? That until Razer fixes it? - If they'll ever fix it..
  6. DimitrisPot

    DimitrisPot New Member

    Same here.. I can't find any solution did you find something?
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  7. Arcite520

    Arcite520 Member

    Nothing so far, did try uninstalling just the SDK and the problem persists. Tho i did find the culprit - In Device Manager - going on Razer Electra's V2 Properties - on events it states:

    Device USB\VID_1532&PID_0514&MI_00\6&94fb8e0&1&0000 requires further installation.

    Obviously that trying to update the driver or checking windows update does not work. So i reckon that WUDFhost.exe as a process in trying to access the servers for these drivers.. but hangs, finding nothing thus keeping the load on our CPU's.

    Also sfc/ scannow didn't help.

    Come on guys.. if anyone knows a way to make this bad dream go away please post... It's Christmas for Christ's sake! - We wanna game with our friends / stream for our fans ...
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  8. Arcite520

    Arcite520 Member

    Guess i found a temporary solution. THIS IS NOT A FIX by any means but at least works for now. Ending the process/tree on WUDFHost.exe does not work, it pops right up again. But suspending it does work.. at least until the next OS restart.

    This is not a fix but at least this way the CPU load goes down and we can use Synapse. Razer please fix this, or at least acknowledge you guys are working on a stable fix.


    Scratch that. Not working.. the process restarts itself after a while... This is getting very irritating.
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  9. Arcite520

    Arcite520 Member

    Bump this crap up! Problem persists. Razer please say something. Or at least someone with a clue or a fix. Some of us cannot USE our peripherals on Win 10 - 1809 and Razer products - CPU usage going @60%.
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  10. Arkemorus

    Arkemorus New Member

    Same problem here...

    Edit: I have tried to do the same on another pc and there's no problem. I have found one difference, the Device Driver. I think the problem is the latest update. The one that gives me problems is 14/09/2018 and the one that works on the other pc is 06/09/2017. Now I need to know how to substitute the new version for the old one
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  11. t3qt3qt

    t3qt3qt New Member

    BRO I have the same f problem... how to install an earlier vetsion of razer synapse? my cpu 30% and i have the same Windows Driver Foundation running whenever i have synapse open. im resetting my pc but it probs wont work... any help??? and this started happrning when i updated my synapse for the first time in 2months
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  12. Arcite520

    Arcite520 Member

    Guess i managed to find a workaround regarding this problem. Until it gets fixed this is what i did:

    1. Made a kit with Razer Tournament Drivers for my keyboard from Synapse 2.0. (keyboard not supported by Synapse 3) [excluded Razer Firefly and Lancehead TE - being supported by Synapse 3.0]
    2. Uninstalled Synapse 2.0, also cleaning the registry and any residual files left after uninstalling.
    3. Installed Synapse 3.0 witch does not support my current headset Electra V2, so no driver... no CPU load.
    4. Installed Razer Tournament drivers kit for my Razer Blackwidow X TE. -Can use macro's and all the lightning settings this way.
    5. Restarted my rig.

    I know this is not a fix, but it is what's working for me now. This way i can use my keyboard and mouse settings, also adjust the Chroma effects at some degree - The headset is left "outside" so to say.. not trying to find whatever drivers wanted too. Downside is ofc that i cannot use the settings for my headset.

    Razer, you should really clean up your backyard.. This is truly unacceptable for a company your size.. and for us to find "solutions" like that up there for problems that shouldn't even be in the first place.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2019
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  13. npapanik

    npapanik New Member

    Same here guys: after Windows updated to build 1809 the problem has started. I have verified that with Windows 1803 there is no problem. Tested also on a completely different system with Windows 1809 and an Intel CPU (mine is an AMD) SAME problem. I have an open case with Razer since December 12th... I have three Razer peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headphones), the problem is caused by the headphones (only).
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  14. Arcite520

    Arcite520 Member

    @npapanik - Hey just do what i did. I know Synapse 3 kinda sucks atm... not having all the legacy products in. You can still extract your mouse and keyboard with their respective settings from Synapse 2 with the Tournament Drivers. Leaving your headset aside ofc. This way you can still stay with 2.0 .. but it's offline.. and no updates whatsoever ...

    Razer come on... Fix this mess....
  15. npapanik

    npapanik New Member

    Hi sharpWildOrchidx520, I will just wait for Razer to short out this mess since my Ryzen 5 1600X still has 80% of its CPU free for other tasks... I cannot believe that they can't short it out as of yet...
  16. Dmiser

    Dmiser New Member

    guys, I have the same problem. Tech support is silent. Idea from @sharpWildOrchidx520 works, but the functionality is limited. Waiting for a decision, Razer!
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  17. i still have same problem, when using my electra v2 with synapse open i get this process consuming high cpu, tryed some things but no one fix it
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  18. Same here. I buy last product from razer. bye bye
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  19. Arcite520

    Arcite520 Member

    This is getting beyond ridiculous really. Razer are you blind or deaf? 22 of January here.. .This problem never got fixed since last year's early December. How is this possible ? Please. We need an official answer. At least some "we are working on it" ... Or is this a "way" to push the consumer to go and BUY Synapse 3 products? .... Just asking. Bet i'm not the only one...
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  20. xInSaNeKiLLs

    xInSaNeKiLLs New Member

    This is not normal razer. Dafuq is this man. I can't use my headset without the drivers. Yet it's so fkin slow with Synapse installed. Fix ur fkin shit.
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