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    Monnem rules. :)

    But the thread youre pointing on is not created by an employee of razer, its from an user... And this is all what I´m complaining about. Nothing official from their side about those issues including a warning.
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    Hajoo;) it was thread made by Insiders. As i know staff here doesn’t make special issue threads, they tell us inside the thread. Did you see comment#49 from staff RΛZΞR|RaptureHearts on the Link i showed you?
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    To be honest I did only read the first two posts and then closed it. :-( I will recheck this now.
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    Typical Monnemer like my soccers buddy;)
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  5. [EDIT 11/2] Following didn't work in the end
    I advise you to follow official instructions (roll-back)
    If that isn't possible; contact Microsoft

    GUYS!!! I've just been in contact with a very kind tech supporter from Microsoft. He solved the keyboard/trackpad/CPU-fan problem so freaking easy that I almost burst into tears on my Razer Blade 2016 (970M) (EDIT: I couldn't roll back Windows to a previous version since I deleted windows.old)

    So, what he did was:
    (I'm just a PC-geek; don't hold me responsible for any new problems that may occur)

    1. Go to 'Device manager'

    1.1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to invoke the run box.

    1.2) Type: 'devmgmt.msc' without (') and click OK.

    2. Update and remove drivers

    2.1) Under 'Mice and other pointing devices' disable 'Synaptics HID TouchPad' (right-click and 'remove device').

    2.3) Now, go to 'System devices' and update the 'Intel(R) Management Engine Interface'-driver by right-clicking.

    2.4) Lastly, go to 'Keyboards' and update the 'Razer Blade'-driver.

    3. Restart

    3.1) After restart check if the problems still occur (unplug power and close the lid then re-open and test)

    4. Download Intel(R) Chipset

    4.1) You might want to download official Intel(R) Chipset driver for your specific system from

    Please let me know if this helped you :)
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  6. Interesting solution, I wonder if somebody else with 1709 still installed can reproduce this fix!
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    I'm afraid to try it honestly. Mine rolled back automatically and I'm going to wait to reinstall until I'm sure it won't break everything else. I would also like to do the Windows Precision Driver hack that Dave2D did a video on but I couldn't get it to work, even though he confirmed it working on the 2016 Blade 14 1060.
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    Me either. Maybe someone from razer is able to check this out? ;-)
  9. Unfortunately, it was only a temporary solution. Today it stopped working again :slightly_sad:
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    Interesting, if you re-plug the charging cable, it starts working again.
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    Is it possible to rescedeule the Update one more time again, when the next planned updated should still not be installed?

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    Ok no solution yet. Razer are you doing something or will you delete this thread too?
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    Will see.

    PSA: this occur in the last Insider Build (17025) too.

    Edit: now the TouchScreen + Keyboard + Touchpad
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    I have a Razer Blade late 2016 and the update is not even showing up for the moment. Not that I'm very eager to get it either... from what I can read from your comment guys, it would be like hoping to get your ass kicked
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    From what I've heard, Microsoft may have started blocking the update from being downloaded through Windows Update onto systems with known compatibility issues. Crossing my fingers that this is all sorted out soon!
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    That is good news indeed. These kind of problems can happen, good to know that at least they're not leaving it to roam around.
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    How has there been no update on this issue yet. Im sitting with the update pending looking for some sort of indication of a driver update or something.... A razer support person told me on the phone it would be ready in less than a week.
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    Servus! Thanks for the info but some handsome guy already shared it above;) I’ll see the users experience about it though before update it, there’s no hurry for me.
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