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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Beleth420, May 16, 2016.

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  1. Beleth420

    Beleth420 New Member

    Hey, been enjoying my new chroma x blackwidow and death adder peripherals alot :D love your products. Anyways I made a wire transfer for the
    "Razer Goliathus Control Edition - Extended". Last night and I am not sure if anything has happend. It says the order pending payment and it has been over 12 hours. I used the right account number and sort code so I don't think anything should have went wrong, I am abit scared incase something went wrong as this is the first time I have payed via wire transfer.

    Thanks :)
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  2. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It takes a while for wire transfers to process. Dont worry, wait a little longer, hopefully your order gets through.
  3. Beleth420

    Beleth420 New Member

    Okay thanks, I am just sightly worried as I transferred 5 quid over to my mate a few minutes after so he could afford that imperion game. It went straight through but I guess that's because it0 wasn't a business account. Is it right that the money goes straight out my bank but hasn't been accepted yet?
    Thanks again for your reply dude :)
  4. Razer|Halcyon_xf_rzr

    Razer|Halcyon_xf_rzr Well-Known Member

    If you're worried you can leave me your Order number and I'll check it out for you.
  5. Beleth420

    Beleth420 New Member

    Sure, I just sent you a message :D
  6. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    As long as you key in the correct details everything should be fine. I did a wire transfer and it went very smoothly for me.

    But if you worry so much, why dont you use a more faster option like a card or paypal
  7. Beleth420

    Beleth420 New Member

    I am pretty sure I did it right, I copied the right account numbers and reference number. Also I would have done that but my card wont let me as its a saving one, the only reason I am worrying is because the money went out my account straight away and I don't want to spend more, if it somehow fucks me over
  8. Razer|Halcyon_xf_rzr

    Razer|Halcyon_xf_rzr Well-Known Member

    Hey @Beleth420, I already got back to you via DM for your case ;) Just for everyone's reference, wire transfer typically takes 7 days, but up to 18 days in some cases. You should receive a notification from us by then.
  9. Beleth420

    Beleth420 New Member

    Thank you so much :D I guess all my questiones have been answered.
    Thanks guys, can't wait to be getting on this overwatch with my new moustmat ;)
  10. Beleth420

    Beleth420 New Member

    The order was accepted a few days ago, but now this has become a backorder because of the item not being in stock while it was being processed.

    Very unlucky, but I guess it will be restocked in the future and it will already be payed for :D
  11. ttouchdown77

    ttouchdown77 Active Member

    Aww, was hoping for a happy ending to this. At least the payment issue got sorted. Now I know to avoid wire/bank transfer if I want my Razer swag ASAP.
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  12. Beleth420

    Beleth420 New Member

    Yeah I am a very unlucky person lol, I didn't want to choose a wire transfer but it was the only option I could take atm :') ohh well I am sure it will get stocked eventually I emailed razer to inquire and im just awaiting a reply, as long as it doesn't take months I am fine with waiting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  13. Beleth420

    Beleth420 New Member

    I am still hoping that they come in stock soon, I have been no-lifing overwatch and it would really help me out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    #Widowmaker is bae :')
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