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Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by ETitus, May 10, 2015.

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  1. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    Hi all,

    Since I recently bought an ultrabook that I would like to get a wireless Razer mouse for it :) The problem is that since it doesn't have that many USB ports and I would like to keep things lightweight (mouse must fit in my hand rather well in stead of those tiny tiny wireless mouses), I would like it to not take up an USB port. I couldn't find any information on the Mamba whether that could connect to ultrabook BT. If this is not possible, is there one that only uses a small USB adapter, rather than the large docking station kind of things?

    Last, Razer doesn't have wireless keyboards right :slightly_sad:
  2. Its probably cause wireless isn't the most reliable way of gaming.
    But, the Mamba is a very good gaming mouse that many people really do like and based on different opinions i would suggest it if you're looking to buy something that's gonna give you that gaming edge.
    You'll still have to connect it to a docking station tho i'm guessing.


    i could recommend the orochi?
  3. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    Yeah, I would buy the mamba instantly if it could connect without extra pheriphicals to my laptop.
    The Orochi is to small for my hands sadly :slightly_sad:
  4. Honestly after doing some research it seems like the best choice to go with if you want a portable gaming mouse which is also wireless without a dock is the logitech g700s.
    This may not be a Razer product but its all there is that i can find to fit your preferences.

    If you wish you could just use either the Naga(Fits for mmo's specifically better), Mamba or orochi which i'm pretty sure have the ability to just connect a cable to your pc.

    It may not be a Razer product but until there's a Razer product to fit that need, you should go with that.
  5. Methew

    Methew Member

    orochi, but u cannot recharge batteries
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