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Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by dekades, Nov 19, 2020.

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  1. JonesTheHulk

    JonesTheHulk New Member

    The big question... when will there be a Wireless version? You've got the tech for the headphones so surely it can't be too far away?
  2. Yooden1Vranx

    Yooden1Vranx New Member

    That's lovely. Now can somebody please tell me how I get Windows 10 to recognise my Wolverine V2 or TE? I've tried both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, rebooted I don't know how many times, and every time Device manager says there's no driver available. I've installed Synapses 2 and 3, the XBOX setup software....nothing.

    For something that's supposed to be 'plug and play' it shouldn't be this difficult!

    My XBOX Series X recognises them straightaway, I can set the extra buttons, RGB...everything.

    I'm tearing my hair out........does anybody have a reliable way to get them to work?

    PLEASE!!? :S
  3. blist60

    blist60 New Member

    Pretty cool design
  4. picknell

    picknell New Member

    got my hands on it just days ago after warranty return for 5th piece of xbox elite v2, that suffer from stick drift.
    Can't say I'm 100% satisfied, but i had no other choice. That shouldn't be the reason why someone buys a razer product. The cord is the worst part ever. gaming in my living room, having 2x2m usb extensions to connect he gamepad. What year is it? I thought the cords are a thing from far past. The argument of better response yada yada, is not even valid anymore, otherwise you would sell to very few pro gamer only. Please make a wireless one that is suitable to living room and big screen usage. It can be basic without additional buttons, I don't mind at all. I still cant find the taste for M1/M2 button placement as I press them even if I don't want to, can't be ignored if its at the top of my fingers. had to unmap them as the first thing to do. Getting used to the shape after years of playing on original xbox contollers. felt at first like holding 2 tennis balls, but getting used to it. I really like the clicky feel of the buttons, and hope that the stick drift will not appear after few weeks like on xbox contollers.
    So ithe wolverine V2 is quite good, feels good, but often getting frustrated that I want to throw to the trash just because of the cable. It is not living room friendly.
  5. picknell

    picknell New Member

    just an update, whoever is considering to buy this controller, just don't, thank me later. despite being a wired controller, getting an error that a controller is disconnected on daily basis on xbox series s. now looks like a faulty dpad, occassionaly double registering pressing down, and I'm only browsing youtube videos. Can anyone please explain why is this controller worth 130euros i paid for? I will return it next week to the retailer.
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  6. mkakajan88

    mkakajan88 New Member

    огонь... мне бы такую, только денегь не хватает, а так будем ждать скидок
  7. mkakajan88

    mkakajan88 New Member

    не а нельзя
  8. I.Nix

    I.Nix Well-Known Member

    just waiting for a promo to get this bad boy
  9. dbarbarian

    dbarbarian New Member

    I am looking to start gaming on PC, but can't use a traditional keyboard and mouse due to a health condition. I prefer controller usage, they feel more comfortable for long periods of gaming.
    I love my original ps4 controller, but using it on pc its a hardware problem, as the controller wasn't made to be wired 100% of the time. I bought a cheap walmart APower controller, and that actually hurts my fingers.

    My question is: How comfortable is this controller for long periods of time, specially if someone has something like carpal tunnel (pardon any errors on spelling ESL) or arthritis.

    thank you for any response.

    BTW, I am looking at the wolverine v2, currently on amazon for 100USD
  10. Graydog7

    Graydog7 New Member

    Not really "Ultimate" without it?
  11. Graydog7

    Graydog7 New Member

    Yes.. I'm looking forward to the "Ultimate Ultimate Wolverine" too.
  12. 420jackpot

    420jackpot New Member

    I got this controller last week and some games work and others dont ? BF4 PC is being a pain in the ass.
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