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Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by dekades, Sep 14, 2021.

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  1. AeternaSol

    AeternaSol New Member

    Hold up, does this controller not have trigger rumble? I rely on it heavily on Forza to be able to brake properly. I just got the controller for Christmas, so I'm hoping mine is just defective.
  2. Andyboydinomon

    Andyboydinomon New Member

    I am in the same boat, so far everything else seems promising with this controller but NO TRIGGER RUMBLE is a deal braker, maybe they needed to mention that on their website, but I am sorry, I have several 'high-end' controllers and they all have a separate trigger rumbling motor, this is not good.
  3. milldogtjm

    milldogtjm New Member

    Have you tried the steps at https://mysupport.razer.com/app/ans...ORTRMeHJxTnAzTTRKYlZKbTJxckpjMllYUl9BJTIxJTIx Its for issues with the Synapse 3 program, if the steps don't work for you also try installing from the Microsoft Store. Razer support also have a Device Detection Troubleshoot Tool program that could give their support teams info on what the issue is in the software like more than likely in the windows driver.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2022
  4. GAMER-JD75

    GAMER-JD75 New Member

    Why'd Razer ditch the fully mechanical buttons & go with the squishy membrane-mechanical hybrid? I really wish you guys would make a version that goes back to full mechanical like the original Wolverine Ultimate.

    Really making me want to open mine up & see if I can take out that rubber membrane crap.
  5. NukeUFO

    NukeUFO New Member

    I just got it, and it is a very nice controller. Howerver, it isn't supported by Synapse yet? Is there a plan to make it possible to sync colors to my keyboard, mouse, and speedpad? Also I would like to customize the additional extra buttons... like many people who buy this, I will be using it mainly for playing PC games on Steam.
  6. isamudiason

    isamudiason New Member

    I just purchased a new Wolverine v2 Chroma controller to replace my Xbox elite 2 version. I like everything about the new controller, but I'm not able to find a profile switch button or option other than having to go out to the software and change it. Is there an on-the-fly profile switch option for this controller or do I have to go back and forth via the software. or go back to my xbox controller if I want that feature.
  7. SpectralFX

    SpectralFX New Member

    Just got my hands on that controller and I must say, while the hardware side of things is neat (would have appreciated a bit more tension on the bottom triggers... but its quite litterally the only thing).

    Its the best feel on an Xbox controller I had so far, all the bling around it is great.

    HOWEVER, the software support is absolute garbage and the so called "Remappable buttons" features are a complete hoax. you may not assing keyboards input to them and it is a completely self-defeating thing... as its the whole point of the gimmick in the first place.

    if you wish to buy that controller for ACTUAL extra buttons DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT.

    Until proper software support for this controller on PC is offered so it works as advertised, stay clear of this thing folks.

    Tips: there is a controller from a competitor in the same price range that does just that.
  8. LionShare

    LionShare New Member

    Just unboxed my Wolverine V2 Chroma and plugged it in to find out that it's not supported through Synapse...WTF! Really! How lazy can you be to not incorporate this unit into Synapse while promoting it is a PC controller.

    SO NOW....

    Software #1: I run Synapse 3 for my mouse, bungee, basestation, mousemat
    Software #2: I run Synapse 2 for my Nostromo. Had to revert back to this model because I went through qty.2 Tarturus due to the failure rate of the D-pad that wasn't fixed (SHAME SHAME SHAME)
    Software #3: Controller

    Why do you make it so difficult to live in your ecosystem. Why can't you combine everything into one neat software package where all accessories follow the same Chromo format.

    WHY WHY WHY!!!
  9. LionShare

    LionShare New Member

    Please DM me :)
  10. TheDragonSoly2

    TheDragonSoly2 Active Member

    Looks good and handy too
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