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Would you buy the RP2 again? Why or why not.

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by BeeDubz, Dec 4, 2019.


Would you buy a RAzer Phone 2 again?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. BeeDubz

    BeeDubz New Member

    I picked up a RP2 during the Black Friday sales and am awaiting delivery. I’ve been doing research because it’s been a while since I’ve used Android. I’ve seen a lot of praise for the RP2, but I’m also seeing a lot of reports of issues ranging from small to extreme (failing USBc ports). I’ve honestly considered returning to sender and looking elsewhere, but I think the RP2 is the best-specced phone for $300. Would you buy again? Why or why not?
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  2. stopkillnkenny

    stopkillnkenny New Member

    over 6 months with my RP2, loving it
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  3. [QUOTE =“ BeeDubz,post:509584,member:1100946”]我在黑色星期五銷售期間撿起了RP2,正在等待交貨。我一直在做研究,因為自從我使用Android已有一段時間了。我對RP2贊不絕口,但是我也看到很多關於小型到極端(USBc端口出現故障)問題的報告。老實說,我曾考慮過回到發件人,再去其他地方,但是我認為RP2是價格最高的手機,價格為300美元。您會再次購買嗎?為什麼或為什麼不?[/ QUOTE]
    My charge port is near completely dead,this is a very seriously problem,I can't charge,l will never buy razer's products, how can they let this problem happen, charging is the life of the phone.
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  4. BeeDubz

    BeeDubz New Member

    Thanks for your reply. The has a huge upside (why I bought it). Have you had any hardware issues so far? I take care of my stuff so I want to get at least 2 years out of it.
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  5. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    I also have my Razer Phone 2 for more than half a year now, and I am really enjoying it.
    There are only two things that I don't like: Gorilla Glass is not what it used to be (there are lot's of scratches on the screen, even though I was very careful) and there is obvious lack in software department (only one system update, chroma app could have more features like adjustable color for each app...).
  6. BeeDubz

    BeeDubz New Member

    This is one of the most troubling issues I’ve seen reported by multiple users and it seems like the one year mark is the trigger point. I’d like to make this phone last at least two years or more. It’s funny that such a critical failure is being reported in a phone with a reputation for being solidly built.

    Again, that’s another common complaint I’ve seen. It’s troubling that Razer laid off a lot of their mobile division staff and are having fire sales on remaining units. Hopefully, this phone will get updated to Android 10 if for no other reason than modular security patches going forward.
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  7. I love the phone but am experiencing intermittent charging problems. I don't think it is the port or cable because so far a reboot seems to fix it temporarily. This just started, so I am guessing there's a software incompatibility. For the moment, I'm not too worried, though I will be in contact with Razer support for any help they can provide.
  8. I try everything l can,but it is useless,l tried to clean the port,l tried to restart my phone,l also check for the virus,all of them are useless.So l pretty sure that is the charge port's problem.
  9. Thanks for the info. I still suspect software, but maybe I'm just being optimistic? :big_grin_:
    Whatever it is, it is an inconvenience for now, but I would certainly like to see a fix whether it's HW or software.
  10. Thanks for your reply,now l am seeking help form the support,but there are no reply after four days, they're said that they will reply me in 24 hours.l was disappointed. I will Continuous follow-up with the support until they give me a
    Suitable solution.
  11. BeeDubz

    BeeDubz New Member

    Have you tried wireless charging? If it works, I’d suspect the USB-C port has failed. If it doesn’t charge, then it might be a hardware failure elsewhere in the power system or a software issue.

    I’m currently using a launch day iPhone 7. Walking into an Apple Store and getting help (even if you are charged for it) is one thing about Apple products that really no other manufacturer can match. I’d be calling and emailing the CEO if I went 4 days without a reply. I hope you have a backup device to fall back on. Are you still under warranty?
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
  12. My phone is a gift form my uncle,he is buy it form the razer shop in USA.So it is genuine,but I don't have the receipt because it is in my uncle(I don't know did he drop or not),so I am ready to pay the cost.However, there are no any reply, because razer phone is not very popular in Hong Kong,so there are no one know how to fix razer Phone,I can only seek help from Razer's support.Also, because I am in Hong Kong,talk to the support is not available (my English level also disable),so I only can wait for the email reply,this weekend I may go to the razer shop in hk to seek help and give them some pressure.
  13. Because I don't have backup device,so I can't afford to sent my phone to check a long time and waiting for a lot of formalities.I only need is the clearly instructions that what l should do to solve the problem.I can pay all cost.l wish they can solve this problem as fast as they can and importantly this problem can be solve forever (If the problem come form the design of charge port,change a new one may not be useful, because there are not only me get the same problem)the problem never happen again.
    Thanks for your patient.
  14. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    I'm honestly curious about why you guys' charging ports fail. I've had many phones and some ports were abused but I never had a charging port fail on me.
  15. It just slowly lost its function,first is the earphones translate function in two months ago,then the charge function start to disjointed about three weeks ago,the charge problem became serious in 8 days ago.
  16. Pinkshot

    Pinkshot Member

    My sim card tray got stuck on the 2nd day of use. Now my sim and SD card cannot be removed.
  17. BeeDubz

    BeeDubz New Member

    I hoped this thread would make me more confident in my decision, but it’s actually raised more doubts. I know that I need to temper my expectation seeing as how I’ve paid less than what many of you did as early adopters. However, I believe in buying quality products that last and I’m seriously doubting the Razer Phone 2 meets that criteria. I saw the JerryRigEverything video where he tore the phone down and was complimentary of it’s build quality, but then I see many reports of failed charging ports and fingerprint scanners failing to be recognized.
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  18. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    If I were you, I'll buy it but I'll look for warranties first.
  19. stopkillnkenny

    stopkillnkenny New Member

    honestly most people just dont take care of there stuff, it will last 2yrs+
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  20. BeeDubz

    BeeDubz New Member

    I decided to keep the RP2 and I'm posting from it now. It's a nice phone and I'm looking forward to loading up some emulators and putting it through its paces. I've already seen the camera lock up glitch. I'm definitely going to be mindful of the charging port and try to avoid using it with a cord connected.
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