Yeelight Chroma Integration

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VykwarusOpiulum, Oct 11, 2020.

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  1. VykwarusOpiulum

    VykwarusOpiulum New Member

    show me how did you do, and how is connected.

    Remember that you have to update razer synapse to the last version
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  2. striderhiryu019

    striderhiryu019 New Member


  3. VykwarusOpiulum

    VykwarusOpiulum New Member

    did you activate wifi?
    yeelight connector app should be running meanwhile you are playing!
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  4. striderhiryu019

    striderhiryu019 New Member

    yes.. already activate the wifi and yeelight connector app is running
  5. VykwarusOpiulum

    VykwarusOpiulum New Member

    there is another update of razer this month try to do it but apparently, you should see all the chroma effects of games because yeelight connector is running and your strip has been found.
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  6. striderhiryu019

    striderhiryu019 New Member

    now it can sync with OW, dont know what happen.. :frown_:
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  7. VykwarusOpiulum

    VykwarusOpiulum New Member

    I'm happy for that!!

    Have fun now then!!
  8. striderhiryu019

    striderhiryu019 New Member

    thx bro for the help!
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  9. VykwarusOpiulum

    VykwarusOpiulum New Member

    you are welcome!!
  10. DARKKi

    DARKKi Active Member

    I cannot control lights in Chroma Studio, but games seem to work fine.
  11. the yeelight connector won't detect my bulb... i can see Yeelight in Synapse.. but nothing on the yeelight connector app... any thoughts?
  12. VykwarusOpiulum

    VykwarusOpiulum New Member

    Did you activate your wifi? Wifi should be connected on the same as bulbs
  13. vskal68

    vskal68 New Member

    It seems buggy, the Yeelight chroma connector application doesn't always find the smart bulb.

    I downloaded the app again from :

    The msi file asked for repair and after a while it worked.
    Maybe it will help.
  14. VykwarusOpiulum

    VykwarusOpiulum New Member

    The yeelight connector was updated a few days ago, now you can minimize and don't see on windows bar.

    If yeelight app does not find bulbs or any device just close LAN and open again from yeelight mobile app.
  15. cra2sh

    cra2sh New Member

  16. VykwarusOpiulum

    VykwarusOpiulum New Member

    which one?
  17. Dear All,
    yesterday i tryied to configure my new Yeelight led lightstrip 1S with Chroma integration.
    But it don't works in Studio, it only works with "quick effetcs".
    I'd like to sync all my led (Razer and Yeelight) with Ambient Awarness.
    Please help me, I don't know how to do.
  18. striderhiryu019

    striderhiryu019 New Member

    Hi all,
    now got problem after updated yeelight razer chroma programs (1.0.12) before this no problem.

    issues :
    - the led lightstrip 1S always go up to 100% brightness eventho i setting to 30% brightness in windows 10.
    - the led lightstrip 1S is turning off but whenever i move mouse its turning on by itself eventho i have press off button.
    - led abit lagging in game Overwatch

    hopefully got hotfix immediately.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2021
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