Yet another Blade/Blade Stealth Wish list nobody asked for

Discussion in 'Systems' started by BlueIceshard, Jan 18, 2019.

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  1. BlueIceshard

    BlueIceshard New Member

    As I own a Blade Stealth + Core for more than a year now, there are some points that I would really want to see in a feature device and some that are already really great. So I just thought I leave another wishlist here (although I will keep my Blade Stealth for many many more years), as a feedback.

    My usecases:
    - light gaming on the go (League of Legends mostly), currently not really possible for me, because the Stealth got no integrated graphics
    - heavy and light gaming stationary, works perfectly fine
    - graphics heavy software like Blender
    - studying, programming for my studies

    - graphics card in Blade Stealth (already available with New Blade Stealth, thx Razer :) )
    - 2in1 convertible with pen digitizer, especially for Blade Stealth. Windows 10 has a good pen input support and having the option to fold the screen 360 degrees and write with a pen is a huge benefit for students (which are a target audience for Blade Stealth)
    - 4k 120Hz OLED Panel (gaming at 1080p 120Hz, working in 4k). nVidia Optimus and G-Sync would be also nice. Asus managed to get both working in one laptop, so it is possible somehow.
    - 2nd function keys lit (yay, they did it with the refreshed Blade 15)

    So I would love to see a Razer Blade 2in1 with 4k 120Hz OLED panel. Alternatively, a Blade Stealth 2in1 with a regular 4k OLED panel and a small graphics card would be cool too.

    Have fun, telling me in the comments if you would like a Blade like that.
  2. nicksparta

    nicksparta Member

    I personally agree with you. As for me am more of a pro line up 17 inch. But I agree with everything you say and I like innovation. I like the blend between gaming, work and productivity. The fact you said Nvidia Optimus and G-Sync means you dont know how motherboard and chipset works. Its not possible to have both.
  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Optimus and g sync capable Laptops is already out there for a while, first sager 8153/Clevo p650 has the option to use iGPU optimus by switching off g sync, detail here, on sager it can be switched by default software, and years later Asus use this on their Zephyrus lines that has g sync monitor panel. You need to reboot the system though to use this technology and optimus isn’t really usable on those lappies, since battery life even on optimus (iGPU) mode is bad.
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  4. BlueIceshard

    BlueIceshard New Member

    I have a general understand of how those work and why it is not really possible to have both Optimus and G-Sync. But as the comment above explains, workarounds exists and there are already Notebooks on the market which make it possible to use both. Not at the same time of course, but it is possible to switch.
  5. nicksparta

    nicksparta Member

    Maybe in the future, Nvidia and laptop manufacture can figure something out. Just like how high end discrete GPU with 10 nm cuda core able to fit in a thin and light package. Its incredible but now they need to fix the bacttery life. We are soon merging the gap where gaming notebook no longer exist where we can have best of both world with editing/casual and gaming usage on a notebook.
  6. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Nvidia most probably skips 10nm to 7nm, Apple and AMD are already using it, it’s not too far in the future anymore.
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