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you mice suck

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by flowEarthYellow562, Dec 7, 2019.

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  1. flowEarthYellow562

    flowEarthYellow562 New Member

    Every mouse i buy after 2 weeks there is too much friction, one time my hands sweat and mouse and mousepad is useless. It is so crap. While i use it only with clean hands and cover it so it doesn't get covered in dust and after each gaming session use micro fiber cloth, it doesn't do anything. Your mice are so crap... I would have to buy new mouse each time to be able to play and i am not a millionaire... How it can be so crap and there is some sticker, i am not talking about that protection sticker, but at bottom of mouse, which peels after time ,why not just have plastic base, it recudes piece lifetime, multiple people were complaining about that, it peels and there is friction... Also 50 m click is lie, you got caught using fake switches previously, i can tell difference between 2 month old mouse and new...
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  2. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    Mice and too much friction don't go well together. What happened to your mouse?
  3. TheSleight

    TheSleight New Member

    yeah their mouse is very sensitive to hand sweat, I prefer the logitech g502 mouse surface more. My hand sweat a lot too, and the deathadder elite really is sticky, and idk how to deal with it. But for the chroma lights i am still using it
  4. digitalwiz

    digitalwiz New Member

    Wow, so much here, like its a candy store full of goodies.
    1. You are very sweaty.
    2. You make alot of friction every two weeks.
    3. Your place is very dusty.
    4. You are not a millionaire.
    5. You are obsessed with some random sticker.
    6. You really hate friction.
    7. You are a forensic expert with expertise in estimating the age of computer mice.

    Ok, gotcha. GL to you.
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  5. xTHxGrizzly

    xTHxGrizzly New Member

    I think your issue is the way your computer/office or whatever is kept, My first razer mouse (ouroboros) lasted me over 3 years, granted i apparently threw away the part that made it wireless for some reason back then I never had any friction issues with my mouse or issues with clicks.

    not only that you don't even say what mouse you have just "every mouse" are they even razer products?
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