Your Blade broke itself? No Problem if you're willing to pay even more...

Discussion in 'Systems' started by smartBudGreenbicycle839, Feb 26, 2019.

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  1. Hey y'all

    My Blade 2017 gave up on me. Apparently there has been a heat-overflow which burned the mainboard.
    After a horrible back and fourth with the Razer Support, they told me my Blade would be replaced. After finding out they couldn't even find the same Model anymore, they just told me i can get it repaired at my expense. (Because i bought it from Amazon they wouldn't give me any warranty)
    Why on earth would i be willing to pay one more Dollar for a 2500$ Machine, which didn't even work for a full year? Even if i would get it repaired, where is my guarantee it won't do the same thing again?
    I feel completly screwed over by Razer and by now i wish i would've never bought anything from them. I think it's completly unappropriate to ask for more Money for something that isn't my fault.
    If you're thinking about getting a Razer Blade... My advise is: don't do it!!! (Coming from a long-time fan of this brand)

    Here I am 3 months later. Still no working laptop and a Support-Guy telling me to pay even more for a not properly working laptop.
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