Your favorite Hair Color?!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by GoatMuslim, Jun 27, 2017.

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  1. GoatMuslim

    GoatMuslim New Member

    What is the best Hair Color?
  2. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Chroma ;)

    What about black hair?
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  3. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Why only two choices? And are you asking about a partner/potential partner, or for ourselves?

    I don't mind my black hair at all; I've dated women with all different color hair, including purple; I find that I'm partial, at first glance, to blondes; but fair-skinned, freckled redheads make me go weak in the knees - I think it's my Irish heritage (don't look at my photo, it doesn't show my Irish blood - at least 40%).

    And welcome to Razer Insider, @GoatMuslim (hopefully you'll have some Razer-centered polls or content in the future)!
  4. Bolterino

    Bolterino Active Member

  5. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    but on the girl I really gonna be crazy as hell when they are RED!!
  6. Depends.

    I am indulged with natural gingers though. And even if she does dye her hair, Karina's reddish hair in her today's stream was looking fabulous.

    This one; [​IMG]
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  7. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    I don't really care about hair color, Anything works as long as you don't dye hair anything like highlighter yellow xD.
    I'm a natural ginger myself, So thats cool too i guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
  8. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Is that where your name comes from? Ginger ... as said by a pirate?
  9. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Not really, It was just kind of a random name i thought of in my head. Many people do think that's where it came from though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
  10. BraziL7294

    BraziL7294 New Member

    RGB change to your mood
  11. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    yep... she inspired a lot!! hot hot
  12. soundwavve

    soundwavve New Member

    I have natural black hair and i decided to get light brown highlights. Looks pretty good with a quiff. Google Joeseph Andrews if you need a reference btw :D
  13. DuchessKaity

    DuchessKaity New Member

    My hair is naturally black but I love like red hair and like pastel hair
  14. MissSwaggy

    MissSwaggy Active Member

    I like brown hair!
  15. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    I got naturally blond hair, which I love.
    But else I really like black and dark brown hair ^^
  16. NerfDaTenshi

    NerfDaTenshi New Member

    No hair is the best way to be a man :cool_:
  17. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I actually really like my own hair color - naturally it's red, but then fades to a coppery blonde in the sun. So the longer my hair gets the more blonde the bottom gets and the darker red up top. hehe
  18. Avaddov

    Avaddov Active Member

    On me?
    So far I've only had Brown (my natural color), Orange and black.
    Orange was my favorite so far.
    I may do green once I retire from the military in 2 years.
  19. coolcurly13

    coolcurly13 New Member

    Dirty blond or brown
  20. Naruedyoh

    Naruedyoh Member

    Pink is great always, i had it pink a couple times
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