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Your First Razer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wakoquacko, Oct 16, 2014.

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  1. Link197

    Link197 Member

    I bought the Razer BlackShark because I really loved the look, and I was impressed with the sound. I started jumping in elsewhere, and eventually I wound up with a Blade and a load of other Razer gear
  2. Razer deathstalker
  3. Razer Naga Molten
  4. Duke_Fleed_82

    Duke_Fleed_82 New Member

    My first Razer product was Razer Viper gaming mice, I bought it together with Razer Exactmat mousepad. It was awesome
  5. goss343

    goss343 Member

    Don't have a Razer product yet, but my DeathAdder is on its way!!
  6. Longshotpro2

    Longshotpro2 Member

    I got two products at once so my first razer product(s) was the BlackShark and the Molten Naga. Since then I have added a few more things, but still have a lot to go. (see signature)
  7. StoopKidofDoom

    StoopKidofDoom New Member

    My first was the Razer Taipan. I still use it to this day. It has served me well and and honestly doesn't show much wear considering how long I've had it. I am however thinking about getting the Mamba. Not sure which version I want though. My other Razer peripherals include the orbweaver stealth, kraken chroma, firefly, deathstalker ultimate, and the adaro in ear headphoes.
  8. battleshark97

    battleshark97 Member

    My very first Razer would be the Electra. Then, got the Abyssus 2014 and the Deathstalker Essential. After that, the Vespula. And recently, the Nabu X. Might upgrade soon, when I got some cash. Razer is expensive AF here.
  9. FlippinFlies

    FlippinFlies New Member

    My very first razer was the Original Mamba back in the day.... lasted me like 2 years, and then didnt buy anything else razer until like 2013 or so. Now have Orichi, Mamba, Taipan, black Widow, RB 2014, pads, Nabu on pre order, guess i can say im fan boy now lol.
  10. retroCoffeepulse947

    retroCoffeepulse947 New Member

    my first id tiamat
  11. HCMH12

    HCMH12 New Member

    my first razer was a blackwidow TE ( cuz I tend to go around a lot ) and I love it so much.
    (the guy's still in my backpack everyday)
  12. Mausthemighty

    Mausthemighty Well-Known Member

    Razer Imperator with the blue Razer lighting. I got it in 2011 and it was great mouse, so for a new mouse I bought the Razer Deathadder 2013 edition.
  13. Lordaniel

    Lordaniel Member

    Razer NAGA
  14. Zombyra

    Zombyra New Member

    My first razer pice was a razer electra, then razer naga (blue one), then vespula, and now the case, i got a job i want buy a keyboard :3
  15. VietCloud

    VietCloud New Member

    My first razer was a Naga and Blackwidow ultimate. I kept it for 5 years and upgrade the naga as I broke it. My latest naga was the molten before I went Chroma DA
  16. Appsonic82

    Appsonic82 New Member

    My First Razer Product was a Razer Naga Still use it and Still Love it xD
  17. my first razer product was A Razer Naga 2012 and I am still impressed. even though i managed to like "destroy" it. Well i Ordered myself the Razer Naga Chroma Epic With the Megasoma 2 Mousepad ^^
  18. H4rdg3ar

    H4rdg3ar Member

    Razer Deathadder 2013
  19. Disturbx

    Disturbx Member

    I think my first one was an old Mouse, broke it and threw it away lol

    Now I have a deathstalker, sabertooth and nabu :) still want a new Razer Mouse though
  20. MrKrazy

    MrKrazy Member

    My first Razer Products where the Razer Deathadder 2013 and the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate and that is what got me into the gaming world
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