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Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by D4rk_D3mon, Dec 3, 2016.

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  1. D4rk_D3mon

    D4rk_D3mon Member

    I was curious if any there are any active Warframe players around here and wanted to know what you think about the game. Share some information about your experiences, your level, playtime and platform with others.
    I might start right away:

    Tenno Name: D4rk_D3mon
    Clan: D3mons
    Level: 21 (but going directly for 23)
    Platform: PC (Feel free to add me)
    Playtime: 1238 hours and rising

    I personally like Warframe a lot, because you always got something to do. There are different alerts, invasions and void rifts all the time and new content is added frequently. It also has one of the best stories I've ever played in an online game. But one of the best things is, that you don't have to pay for anything. In my almost 3 years of experience I've never spent money on the game and still got enough Platinum (Real money currency) to get around.

    What's your opinion on Warframe?
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  2. Remamian

    Remamian Well-Known Member

    Tenno Name: Remamian
    Clan: None
    Level: 22/19 (I have not played since january, so i'm catching up
    Platform: PC/Xbox
    Playtime: 1050

    My opinion on warframe was wonderful, i got inadvertantly hacked (Got Platinum from a youtube contest. The platinum i got was stolen from another account, so they took it from me and i had like a -3000p balance) So its lessened as of late, but i still play.
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  3. urMOMdotCOM

    urMOMdotCOM Member

    i said in another post but i gotta rack up those razer forum posts so anyways i played like 300 hours over a summer and then i took like a month break, racked up like 200 more and now i wanna die when i'm in game cuz there's nothing to do but grind the same stuff hoping for something better

    Tenno Name: moxide (i think)
    Clan: no clue
    Level: 15 i think
    Platform: PC
    Playtime: 500 and bored of the game
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  4. Catwhisperer369

    Catwhisperer369 New Member

    Warframe is great, I managed to gather a lot of knowledge, you know.

    IGN: Hadpocker
    Clan AHH_Marder
    Mastery Rank: 15
    Platform: PC
    Playtime: 900+ hours , too lazy to look up exact hours

    Lesion and Orvius are great weapons
    I stopped caring about Baro Ki'Teer
    I still do sorties from time to time
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  5. Wulfghost

    Wulfghost New Member

    I may have a Warframe problem as I currently have 2,229 Hours played (according to steam)

    All Baro brings is salt, RNG hates me and Stalker keeps running away (today I found out he does that, lol never realised that before)
  6. Catwhisperer369

    Catwhisperer369 New Member

    1639, go home or use the stuff Warframe stats give you which is the in-game playtime(on a mission)
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