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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Romizia, Mar 8, 2021.

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  1. Romizia

    Romizia New Member

    Heyaaaaaaaaaa guys!!!

    Soooooo I just received the acceptance for #razerstreamer omyyayyyyy, I am just so hyped :heart:
    I am a very weird person, mommy of 2 devildaughters, and many 4legged kiddo's aswell.
    Not gonna put a full story as I just wanna know who YOU guys are!
    Are you a #razerstreamer?
    Who are you and what interests you?

    Can't wait to meet all of you great people, and hope to make some friendships out of this :heart:

    Much love,
  2. kLokz

    kLokz New Member

    Hi Romizia welcome to the #Razerstreamer fam! My main interests (outside from streaming of course) is fitness and health! I love helping others through that as well as real estate :)
    It’s a pleasure to meet you!
    Best regards,
  3. RebelBeauty

    RebelBeauty New Member

    Hello, Welcome my fellow new members. I'm from Philippines and I'm interested to learn new martial art like BJJ. Also, I'm starting to volunteer to the nearest Home for the oldies. Nice to meet you all! Have a great day!!!
  4. aeroCaprisystem896

    aeroCaprisystem896 New Member

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