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Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Dekades, Aug 11, 2021.

  1. lunarempath

    lunarempath New Member

    I was there at the site early and into the exact time the mask was supposed to go on sale. Needless to say your site choked and wasn't able to get me through the cart process let alone check-out. Then when I finally had a 404 error which made it impossible for me to order and then I saw a sold out message with nothing left in my cart. A completely awful experience trying to get the masks. :slightly_sad:
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  2. f4denz

    f4denz New Member

    Yeah if I had been them I would have offered it to folks who applied for the beta test first and then went public, but this is a fail of a launch.
  3. lunarempath

    lunarempath New Member

    Yeah, I applied for the beta but I guess as a human factors engineer for a medical device company they didn't want me to participate.
  4. ArchimedesPrime

    ArchimedesPrime New Member

    So when are we getting our Zephyr masks? We shouldn't have to wait weeks or months because the launch was screwed up.
  5. Scottsmanonahorse

    Scottsmanonahorse New Member

    Yeah this launch is exactly what I should've expected. They messed up my last order super badly and aren't even refunding me for redirecting the shipment since they decided to recall the wrong package. Then today when I'm reordering that order and was thrilled because I managed to snag a zephyr. Like straight up had one in my cart and since they didn't make sure their servers could handle the large volume of requests they sold it out from under me. I'm just so tired of trying to order directly from them, they just can't seem to get their sales department in order.
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  6. f4denz

    f4denz New Member

    Listen, I get they would love to have enough inventory to sell everyone who wants a mask one, but let's be realistic about it, clearly when they use a public release it isn't working. So perhaps think of another strategy, do a lottery and only allow people with account or previous purchases enter. Or do a lottery for those who signed up to be in the beta. There are lots of things you can do but the first two attempts at a launch have ended with more people very mad than people with products, and the brand is getting a black eye over it.

    So they need to step back and regroup, if you want to just release to the public then you have to adjust your servers to be able to handle the traffic. I had one order where I got to payment and as it was processing it bumped me out of my account and back to the home page without anything in my card. I tried again in a different browser and got into the checkout process where it froze for 25 minutes, I hit refresh to see if it would finish processing and it had removed the mask from my cart. It is very frustrating to do the right things, and get that kind of experience.
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  7. f4denz

    f4denz New Member

    Hi everyone, so I wanted to provide an update and my initial thoughts. First the drops clearly had issues, the demand for these was nuts, I expect that the one listing on ebay that was of a unit from a photo shoot that sold for over the top amount of money, drove the flippers to think this was doing to be a 10x return on investment and they did everything and anything to get items. I have seen this behavior with other collectibles and in demand items, we all have, their bots and scripts clearly overwhelmed the system, it has happened to the biggest companies out there. Now however the secondary market has weakened (and will continue to weaken as I will tell you why in a bit), and they are barely able to double their money. So their demand will drop off, as less than half of the units listed on ebay have sold.

    So I was lucky and got one, it shipped on the 28th, and got delayed by a combo of customs delays due to lack of workers and FedEx delays from a lack of workers. It arrived today, and I was ready to be wow'ed by it. My use cases for this, are pretty simple, I attend a number of public and industry conventions most years and do a good bit of travel by air. I wanted something more comfortable and better than cloth or even N95 masks, and this looked like a pretty cool way to deliver on those things.

    Razer does a great job with branding, smart packaging, and all the design stuff we love them for. In getting this out of the box and set up, I immediately wished it had been $149.99 for the mask and made better. I love the idea of using magnets as closures but they don't feel nearly as secure as I would expect for a high end mask (FYI, notice they don't call it a mask, they call it an "wearable air purifier" and I expect that is for legal reasons. Now I am not a small guy and I have a pudgy face so when I got the filters in place and strapped the mask on I could still feel air flowing in and out around the silicon seal. I pulled the strap tighter, but still it didn't seem to seal as well as I expected. I don't trust that there is no leakage around the filters, and while I think the idea of the fans is brilliant, dang they are loud but they do help circulate air and for someone exercising that was wearing the mask it would be a huge help. I want to give this more time and get out and about with it to see if things change my perspective, gonna shave and see if that helps the fit, but right now I look at this as probably about the same as a cloth mask for protection and it will probably have a much longer staying power for folks looking for a cool fashion item.

    I expect other reviews may be similar to my first impressions, but we will see. If others find it similar to what I have and the supply becomes more steady the secondary market prices will drop even more and that will help get it to the fans who want it. My first thought is if you need a serious mask, this probably isn't going to be it.

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk
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  8. f4denz

    f4denz New Member

    OK a day in update. So as I had time to set up the app on my phone and do some adjustments on the mask, and while I still have some concerns about the seal (I get air coming out the bottom of the mask, but I am going to shave today and see if that still happens) but as you adjust the mask the bottom strap seems loose but since it uses the same elastic cord as the top, so you can pull the string thru the sides of the mask to tighten the bottom and get a better and tighter fit.

    I went for a short walk last night with the mask on and with the fan on low it was very easy to breath was I walked, and I wore it as I worked for a couple hours at my desk just to see if it was annoying to wear say of a flight or not. It was pretty easy to wear and I adjusted it a couple times with the fan on high, low and off and everything was good to go, I still think the fan on high is way too loud for what it does.

    So my opinion has improved over the initial impressions, I still need to know what is going on with the seal at the bottom and want to hear from others as they get their masks. 20211105_142525.jpg
  9. hammerhead13

    hammerhead13 New Member

    I got mine yesterday. I have to say that I am disappointed. I found it quite uncomfortable no matter how I tried to adjust it. It does fit well and they should have had at least 2 different inserts. The Fans have a annoying whir to them even on Low. I REALLY wanted these when they were introduced as Project Hazel and was Gung-Ho on getting them at any cost if/when they came out. Sadly It doesn't work for me. They are more of a Novelty item at this point but to expensive for that. Maybe if they refine the product down the line I will consider it again but for now I am just going to return them.
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  10. hysales

    hysales New Member

    The filter covers have tiny weak magnets, so they fall off every time I try to take the mask out of it's bag. Now, on day 2 of owning it is unusable because the filter cover disappeared while at an airport. What happened was the gate agent told me I couldn't wear it on the plane because it had vents. I put on a paper mask and politely showed off my new toy and explained the n95 filtered exhaust vent. They weren't having it. So somewhere in trying to stow the zephyr, the filter cover and filter came off and found a new home. So now the mask is worthless to me.
    I can't recommend this product because the filters literally fall off.
    I'm sure replacement parts are about as easy as to get as the mask was.
    I have other complaints but they are minor. The filter covers falling off, and consequently the filters falling off, makes this a pointless device.

    Fix it:
    1. Screw on filter covers
    2. Retainer clips for filters
    3. More fan airflow
    4. Bigger exhaust vent (air escapes through top of mask, and also pushes against the fans making them whine up and down)
    5. Carry case not a bag
    6. Patch app to stay connected to device
    7. Use a waiting list, the drops are obnoxious.

    My main reasoning for this purchase was that the fans would create a more comfortable extended n95 experience. However, if you get hot the seal around your mouth drips sweat and the airflow is minimal even on high.

    If you buy one, it's great while you are wearing it, but even a gentle rub against it's own bag will knock off the cover and filter. I really like the concept, but I'm definitely regretting the purchase especially the starter kit with extra filters that I can't use now.
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  11. robertaguilera

    robertaguilera New Member

    Same experience as the poster above. Took mine to a concert, great for the first hour. At one point I thought "I should check the covers" and realized the left filter cover was gone rendering the device useless. Luckily I had the foresight to bring a spare N-95 mask. If I hadn't realized the cover was gone I would have walked around completely oblivious. This product is dangerous because of this. If you do buy one make sure to somehow secure the vents better or instead buy a real industrial grade respirator instead of this babies first covid mask.
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  12. Gh0st-D0g23

    Gh0st-D0g23 New Member

    If the part now blows warm air into the mask, I would buy this for cycling.
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