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zSilver 30-Day Claim FAQ

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Dekades, Jun 15, 2018.

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  1. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    Frequently Asked Questions for the New 30-Day Claim Period on Razer Insider Achievements.

    1. What does the new claim system mean?

    Users must claim their Razer zSilver in the Razer Insider achievements within 30 days after the achievement is unlocked or the Razer zSilver will be forfeited.

    John unlocks an Insider achievement on July 1, 2018. He must click on the [Claim] button for that achievement by July 31, 2018, otherwise the unclaimed Razer zSilver will be forfeited and can no longer be credited to his account.

    2. When will this new measure officially take effect?

    The 30-Day claim period will officially start on June 28, 2018 9 am PST.​

    3. Why are we implementing this new claim system?

    The new system allows our users to have a better visibility of their existing Razer zSilver balances to redeem for rewards in the catalog.​

    4. I have old Razer Insider achievements which I have yet to claim. Will they be forfeited immediately?

    No. Current unclaimed zSilver in the Razer Insider Achievements will expire 30 days from June 28, 2018.​

    5. Will I get notified if my unclaimed Razer zSilver from Razer Insider achievements are bound to be forfeited or have forfeited?

    You will only be notified when your unclaimed Razer zSilver has been forfeited, therefore it is highly recommended to claim your Razer zSilver immediately once the achievement is unlocked.

    More notification features will be implemented in the future so please stay tuned.​

    6. Can you restore forfeited Razer zSilver back to my account? I can provide proof that the achievement is unlocked.

    No, it is highly recommended to claim your Razer zSilver immediately once the achievement is unlocked.​

    7. When does my Razer zSilver from Razer Insider Achievements expire?

    Razer zSilver will expire 12 months from the claim date.​

    8. How can I find out how much Razer zSilver is left unclaimed in my Razer Insider Achievements?

    Access your Achievements on Razer Insider and start clicking the Claim button!​

    9. How do I know if my Razer zSilver is successfully claimed?

    You may check your Razer zSilver Transaction History.​

    10. Where can I check my Razer zSilver that is due to expire?

    Visit your Razer zVault Account Summary anytime to view your current and expiring balances. Your account must be verified to access this feature.​

    11. If I have issues claiming my Razer zSilver from Razer Insider Achievements, who can I seek help from?

    Please refer to the original thread on claiming zSilver on the Razer Insider Support forum.​
  2. NiuZaiChiShi

    NiuZaiChiShi New Member

    Thanks for clarifying, i exchanged some of my zsilvers for vouchers online, am unsure how long those voucher would last though as i dont frequent the razer id websites. 1 year too since exchanged ?
  3. mateuskater

    mateuskater New Member

    they are all expired for me, and it has been a week. I didn't know I had that many achievements unclaimed. Can I have them please?
  4. SIberGames

    SIberGames New Member

    buenas dias, tardes o noches, me gustaria saber si van a volver a colocar la opcion de jugar juegos para ganar puntos zsilver, estoy muy interezado en saber ya que estoy muy cerca de comprar un articulo razer pero me hace falta 28.000 puntos, gracias por su colaboracion
  5. why does it expire anyway? i dont want to have my claimed silver expire in a year
  6. 3velon

    3velon New Member

    I blame all the people who complained about the zsilver system and made them take away paid-to-play and now everything's expiring too. Rip Razer
  7. Srnity

    Srnity Active Member

    I am wondering if I purchase a game via the Razer game store and obtain the 10% off Razer hardware, am I still able to redeem my zSilver points as well?

    ie. I would redeem my points for the Razer Kitty Ears. I would want to redeem the 10% off on a different Razer product.
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  8. patterson1988

    patterson1988 New Member

    i have just verified my account but i did not get my bonus silver :slightly_sad:
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  9. JulKZein_

    JulKZein_ New Member

    Thanks a lot for clarifing! i'm new here and didn't understand anything!
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  10. JulKZein_

    JulKZein_ New Member

    you have to wait a little bit (can go from a few minutes to a few days)
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  11. Karvas

    Karvas New Member

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  12. SchickHydro5Razor

    SchickHydro5Razor New Member

    My "Birthday" silver expired, will i be able to get it again next year? Also, i didn't know there was a birthday reward.
  13. Z3r0burn12

    Z3r0burn12 New Member

    Newbie here, just got my first zSilver upon registration. looking to earn more points :wink_::wink_::wink_:
  14. roboactive

    roboactive New Member

    Hi, i have a problem, because there is a bug where some of my razer zSilver achievements expired before the date you specified. Can you please help me?

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