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can create a toggle button?

  • 21 March 2022
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i want to use button 5 as toggle for "holding down right button".
when i "click" button 5 (not hold), it will behave like i'm holding down the right button.
when i click it again, it will behave like i release the right button

i did this in past on steelseries mouse with their software, but can't find way doing this on razer with synapse.

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2 Replies

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It should be possible - create a macro with right button hold, then assign it to "5" key, and from options choose, that you want to toggle on/off the macro.
the only "toggle" option in the macro doesn't work as what i expected as "toggle".

according to what i found, i have to click the actual right mouse button to work as "toggle off".

this is a common feature in nowaday games, razer should do what steelseries software done.