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Which mouse should I buy

  • 31 October 2021
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I'm currently in the mouse market, and I'm looking at the Deathadder family. Should I buy a deathadder v2 x hyperspeed? or the wired v2? Or maybe should I save more and buy the deathadder v2 pro? I prefer a wireless one because its easy to travel with, but a wired will work too. Please help me decidein the comments!

which one should I get?

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I would go with either Pro or x Hyperspeed. Especially if taking it for travel is one of your usage cases.

x Hyperspeed has batteries. This means when discharged completely, you can just replace an AA or AAA battery and use it more. This leads also to drawbacks like not having a spare battery and the closest gas station or 24hours shop is half an hour away (:

Pro has an inbuilt rechargeable battery. When discharged you can just connect it with a cable and use it like a wired one until it's full. Drawback - its battery life is much shorter than using usual AA/AAA batteries.

I would go with a Pro version and also would buy a Charging dock (or mouse bundled with a dock which is a bit cheaper). Then at home / at work, you are just putting the mice on the dock for charging when not used and mostly do not care about charge. When traveling, you still can charge it via USB cable
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DA V2 Pro is the most universal choice, because you can use it in wireless mode both 2.4GHz Hyperspeed and Bluetooth, and if you're weak on battery, then you'll just plug the cable.

With V2 X Hyperspeed ver you'll loose great optical switches and side grips, but on the other side the price is better 🙂