[Introductions] Hi guys - pull up a chair by the hearth... | Razer Insider

[Introductions] Hi guys - pull up a chair by the hearth...

... and introduce yourselves will ya?

We've just opened up Razer Insider to our first batch of users - so, welcome and thank you for joining us!

I am Hung Wei, or HW in short /(@Razer|Technokat) and I have been around the Razer Community Team for a couple of years. If you have been following Razer on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, you probably would have interacted with me before, alongside my fellow community members like Travis, Josh and Kian (you may have see them on our YT videos and at events).

I play a wide variety of games (have like over 700 games on Steam and yes that backlog) though I particularly enjoy FPS-es (especially cooperative titles like Borderlands, PayDay). I'm currently playing Destiny on PS4, hacking Uruk on Shadow of Mordor on the PC and looking forward to Evolve (darn that 2015 release date... but yay signed up for upcoming Alpha!).

Would love to hear from the community where you hail from, and what kind of games you enjoy playing. Let's gather here and get some introductions going yeah.


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Hello HW!

I am Yannick, 20 year old guy from Belgium. I usually play online games such as League of Legends and Battlefield 4.

Besides playing games I love to toy around with my PC, upgrading it all the time. Still learning stuff about hardware every day!

I'm just SO HYPED to talk to actual people from Razer now. I've been ahuge fan of Razer ever since I bought my first Razer product (a Razer Abyssus) and that got the dice rolling.

Currently proud owner of 9 Razer periphirals and soon to add a 10th, the Razer Nabu <3

Razer is love, Razer is life.
I'm Mason, huge Razer fan everything I own is Razer xD I have about 130 games on steam, but I really like FPS's like CounterStrike, Battlefield etc.

I'm Currently Competing In The ESL Battlefield 4 Ladders Which Is My Main Game, But My Favourite Games Are; The Last Of Us; GoGoNippon; Battlefield and Final Fantasy \\o/

Hope To Interact With You Guys When Insider Is Bigger And Thanks For The Invite!

Mason 😃
Hi there!

I'm Bal 25 years old and from Spain. I'm Razer fan since two years ago I've bought my first razer mouse, and that day I said "ok, I'm on" Today I can say it was best decision of the year. (and, of course, more razer toys join my crew)

I have six years of service on Steam and I might have near 250 games right now and I'm in love on MMO, RTS, RPG games over than Moba-FPS.

I'm currently playing WoW, Archeage and EVE. but i have to make some space to play Shadow of Mordor, Evil within and Alien Isolation! And waiting to The Witcher 3 & Star Citizen.

I'll hope see you all here guys!
Hi there,
I am from India. I play almost every kind of games but only 2 games I play every day and they are League of Legends and Skyrim. I have played more than 300 games till now and more to come. With my Razer Lycosa, Electra, Goliathus and Deathadder the experience is just epic and cannot be explained in words.
Tautologic here, 18 years old from the USA. I play tons of games, but mostly Warhammer 40k Space Marine and Garry's Mod at the moment. I have a Razer Tiamat headset and an Ouroboros mouse. Have about 84 some games on Steam. Presently stewing in anticipation for Warhammer 40000 Eternal Crusade, good thing I'm a Founder though.
Hey, I am Allan a 25 year old guy from too many countries to even bother mention. I started out as a hardcore gamer, and slowly drifted away due to time constraints as one gets older. Now I am hoping to slowly get into hardcore gaming. I own pretty much the best peripherals razer has to offer and hoping to one day own the laptop, if they ever ship to Europe 😃
I'm Andrew and I'm an alcoh- er, sorry, force of habit. I'm a professional student in the Republic of Texas.

I enjoy gaming and gaming accessories. I'm currently playing the new Borderlands as well as that Shadow of Mordor thingy. Find me on Steam and we shall be friends.
Hey there!

First of all, thanks for the invite, really appreciated to be part of this amazing Razer Community :)

Anyway my name is Andrea, I'm 26 from Italy, and I've been managing the Razer Italy Facebook page since nearly 2 years now as a Razer Helper, first under Maki, and now with Yann.

I own ~200 games on Steam and I'm the JRPG, MOBA and MMO type of guy. Actually mainly supporting on League of Legends, playing some Hearthstone and jumping between studies, Final Fantasy XIII and Shadow of Mordor.

Got my first Razer peripheral (Left-handed Razer DeathAdder 3.5g) gifted by my girlfriend, planning to marry her 😃
Hello everyone and anyone reading this. My name is Craxtus (Crax for short) and I'm from New Zealand. I'm a gamer through and through; have been all my life. I played my first game at around the age of 4 and I haven't stopped since.

I don't have a personal preference on games (I have way too many to choose from) but in the past week I've mainly been playing Heroes of the Storm and Guild Wars 2 with the odd Skyrim inbetween.
You have a badass name, dude.
Hi, Henry here. 23 year old software developer from the UK.

Pretty varied gaming selection, but tend to prefer single player games with a rich world to explore.

Despite being right handed for nearly everything, I'm a left handed PC user (Dad's a leftie so grew up with the mouse on that side), so tend to use a controller (Sabertooth of course) where possible to save on having to remap everything. When I do use the keyboard/mouse though, I'm really glad I have the ambidextrous awesomeness that is the Oroborous. Most of my first choice peripherals are Razer, which all started when I bought a Hydra motion controller a few years ago.

Currently playing Fifa 15 & Shadow of Mordor whilst waiting for the new Borderlands game to come out in the UK at the end of the week. Then after that, project CARS & far cry 4 are probably what I'm looking forward to the most.
You have a badass name, dude.

Why thank you very much. :)
(If this was addressed to me. xD)
I'm Mark, 21 from the UK.

Mahusive tech geek and have to get the latest stuff (was in the first handful in the UK to get Google Glass), been a Razer fan since the I got the Nostromo (ah that blue) and been hooked ever since. Games of choice, MOBA's, MMO's, RTS and Racing. Was lucky enough to snag a Razer Nabu Beta Edition (again can't thank you enough Razer for picking me). Thank you Razer for the invite, I'll certainly be hanging around.
Hello everyone,
I am Pierre-Luc from Québec, Canada.

I've been a fan of Razer for a couple of years but completely feel in love with the Razer brand around two years ago when I bought my first Razer Headset (Carcharias).

I mainly play games on my PC, but still have love for my consoles going from SNES to PS4. I have 200+ games on Steam but most of them are never played except for DOTA.
Even if I mainly play DOTA, my type of games are mostly anything but I do love slashers and RPG's more than the rest.

Hopefully we will have good conversations on here,
I'm Wim from Pretoria, South Africa.

Software developer and muso, but mainly spend time playing games on PC, and sometimes Xbox. Same as Macheai I have a couple of games, but Dota is my main source of entertainment 🙂
Hi there I'm Robbie, I'm a Robotics student at Bristol, England but originally from N.Ireland. I have 179 Games on Steam, and plan to start recording game play.
My Razer gear consists of a Death adder 2013 and a Orbweaver Stealth keypad.

In the market for a new full tower so if you have any recommendations for a good air cooling one that will fit water cooling at a later date let me know.
Heyo! I'm Nick from the US.

I play anything from World of Warcraft and League to Call of Duty and Battlefield. I have been playing WoW since I was 7, used to play with the Dad and brother. I am in the middle (or close to the end) of building my PC. I tried to go with a green and black look to match the Razer Deathstalker and Naga that sit happily on my desk and bought a Raidmax Viper GX, shortly after I bought my case, Razer came out with a badass case; I would totally rather have the Razer case. I once had a Deathadder 2011 and loved it so much that I let my friend borrow it when I got the Naga, this was in 2012 and I still have not gotten it back.

A couple of my interests are: School, programming (starting out), gaming (PC and Xbox), friends (although, social isn't really my thing).

I am super psyched to be here and can tell that I am going to spend way more time here than my schedule allows for.

See you around the forums!
Hi there. Ron is my name and I always play video games haha! Ussually play LoL ( stuck in bronze cause my friend trolled on my account ), Hearthstone and story based games like SoM, Evil Within etc. I do game on consoles aswell, but only exclusives like The Last of Us, Halo, Infamous etc. But in the end i prefer online, competive multiplayer games.

Also i am trying to get something going as a streamer, haven't had much time lately but I will soon! If you want check out my page! twitch.tv/Rontheking07

Thanks for having me on this board razer 🙂 Can't wait to see how this turns out 😃
Hey gang, I am Dave from Michigan in the U.S.

I got back into heavy gaming through my teenage son who reintroduced me to WoW. Since then, we have been working our way games through Planetside 2, Diablo, Terraria, and Minecraft. I also own a PS3, an Xbox 360, and a WiiU, so I guess you could say I have played a little bit of everything.

He also turned me onto this company that makes gaming peripherals (maybe you've heard of them, after all their logo includes snakes ;)). Since then, we have started quite a collection of gear and look forward to seeing where things go in the future.

Thanks for inviting me to this community. I'm a software engineer from Cairo, Egypt. Working hard to start making my own indie games and apps. This is a very exciting time for me as I've decided to re-embrace PC gaming this generation.
Looking forward to connect with you all and especially looking forward to Razer's new stuff.
Hi all !

I'm Viktor from Hungary i work at Microsoft sales department ( on the field ).
I'm 26 i play World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, LOL, but also love hardcore FPS and RTS big fan of Blizzard.
I use my first Diamondback mouse along side with a goliathus, i also gone through a tarantula keyboard after 7 years it's gone but i have a black widow ultimatev 2014 now and i am very happy with it.
When i'm not playing i love to ride my own built bike with friends, get out with them drink some beers.

razer ftw
Cheers mates [:
Hi there!

I'm Philippe from Spain but I'm French. I have 40 years and I've been playing since more than 30 years...yes, I've played Qbert and Pong on my TV black and white!

Today I enjoy FPS, stealth games, RPGs, and some MMORPG. I play around 30 hours a week and sleep a few ;)

My Razer gears help me to head shorts online or offline!

For French community we have a blog talking about technology and games: www.geekybros.com
Greeting from Finland.

My nickname is Haksu (Tiny misspell happend) hehe
We about six-man gaming group on Teamspeak. We play Co-Op/FPS/F2P/MMO... All kind of multiplayer games.
It's so nice to see other Razer fanboy/girls in same place!
Hope so this community will grow more and more.. And MORE!
Hey people. I'm currently living in Singapore and I am a proud PC Gamer, currently on hiatus due to national exams 😞

Speaking of which, it starts tomorrow actually. Couldn't help but break away from all the cramming to sign up for this the moment I got the email! :D

Hope to see the community grow!
Hey I'm Sam AKA TechKno. 18 M In college in the UK studying game design. Love playing multiplayer games especially TF2. I have almost 300 games in steam and I'm always on the PCMR subreddit. HMU if you wanna play some games?