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Welcome to the Axon Beta Forums

  • 17 October 2022
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Beta Feedback

Let us know what you think of Axon. Specifically:

  • Which features you like/dislike most in Axon
  • Stuff that is not working or any bugs (please list out separately)
  • Stuff that could be done better (don't forget to suggest how)
  • Stuff that looks odd or does not make sense to you
  • Crashes (try to explain what happened up to the moment the app crashed)

How to submit feedback:

Razer Insider

You can submit feedback on Razer Insider by posting your comment in this forum. We ask that users check to see if similar reports have been posted. If it has, reply to that thread instead. Let's keep the thread tidy! The Razer team will monitor the thread and take action on feedback where possible.

Please stay on topic. This is not a general discussion forum.

When describing your issue, create your own thread unless a topic for the issue already exists.

  • Please do not hijack threads by posting your own similar topic. This is not efficient and may lead to your issue being missed or causing the original thread to be ignored.
  • Your subject must have a clear summary of your issue. "Axon crashing right after startup" is good. “Axon sucks!" or "Nobody is helping me!" is bad and counterproductive. Not only does that mark your thread for removal.
  • Computer problems suck and can lead to emotions being left unchecked. We totally understand. But there will be zero tolerance for toxic behavior.

This forum exists as a tactical approach to creating the ultimate Axon experience for our community. We appreciate all the hard work our community members put in and hope to deliver the best product through your contributions.

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