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[CORTEX] Squad Rewards Season 10

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Hey Insiders,

Squad Rewards is 2 this year. We are excited to announce that over 10 million Razer Silver is on the way to celebrate our 2nd anniversary in Season 10.

Curious as to what all the prizes are? Here is a list:

  • Maximum Prize Pool: 9 million Razer Silver if we hit 100,000 players.
  • 10 sets of grand prizes up for grabs.
  • 76,000+ maximum Razer Silver you will win if your squad claims the grand prize.
  • VOTE TO WIN: 1.2 million Razer Silver.

We've added some popular new games including Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, Dinkum, Stray, and more.

Spread the word and team up now.

You know the drill:

Gather up to 3 friends.

Download Razer Cortex PC, sign-in with your Razer ID, and set up your squad.

If you are new to this campaign, please check the timeline here:

PRE-SEASON: Oct 10 – Oct 23 UTC, for you to participate and squad up.

START COMPETING: Oct 24 – Nov 06 UTC, for your squad to play games, win gameplay hours, and compete for silver prizes.

POST-SEASON: Nov 06 – Nov 13 UTC, for you to win post-season solo prizes by exchanging your leftover gameplay hours.

For the competition rules, please visit our FAQ page: https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/faq#faq

Note: Season 10 is only available on Razer Cortex 10. If you use Razer Cortex 9, please upgrade here: https://www.razer.com/cortex

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Woohoo! Joined.
Play hard and have fun 🙂
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Here we go again! I'm in! Good luck everyone
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More Chance To Win Better Prizes!
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Yaaay! I'm ready!
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Yahoo! Here we go!
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im joining!
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yes. here we go!
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good luck everyone!
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Silver is coming :cool_:
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Gl to all!
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Can we play any game that we own during this time or does it have to be specific one? If so which one? If not I'm in!

Any game from the supported game list (which is huge) - you can check supported games by clicking the green "Supported games" button in Cortex.
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My squad is ready, can't wait to start! :big_grin_:
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Hello Friends,

Yeaaah, Razer Squad Rewards Season 10, so much Zsilver, games key to win.💰
Good luck everyone.
Also take advantage right now of Razer Cortex mobile tapjoy 4X exclusive to celebrate RazerCon 2022.💵
Congratulations xCryptik for the announcement.👍
Good luck!
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Good Luck!
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Hope whatever team I'm on this time pulls through this time!
Can we play any game that we own during this time or does it have to be specific one? If so which one? If not I'm in!
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it begins...
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The reward is pretty good guys, do your best.
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We need a 4th. If anyone has max hours (32 hours at this moment), please send me a DM. Must have Discord, no exceptions. Join here:
- https://discord.gg/wxQJpSxM

Reasons why you should join:
Great communication, successful strategy in getting grand prize(s).
Track record of getting grand prizes
Suggestions/Discussions on how to spend remaining silver
Solid team notifications on events and updates

Reasons why we are looking:
Our 4th has life events and we are looking to backfill their position. They've been with us since we started two-three seasons ago and they know the ropes but unfortunately, stuff happens. Therefore, we're looking for a temp stand-in for the remainder of this season and possibly, a backup for next season should other problems arise.
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here we go again

get your squad ready !
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lets play!!
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All the best guys!
Hope I collect enough points to redeem my controller!

كيف احصل على فريق

Hey there!

Thank you for asking this. You have several ways to squad up.
1. Click on the "JOIN A SQUAD" button on the campaign page to join a current squad.
2. Click "INVITE FRIENDS TO JOIN" to copy the invite link and share it with your friends. Thus, your friends can join your squad with this link.
3. Allow others to join your squad through Leaderboard. Make sure the below feature is enabled.
If you have other inquiries regarding the campaign, please feel free to visit our FAQ page.

Let me know if you need further assistance.