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Blade 15 (2018) weird sound from keyboard while using ASIO

  • 28 January 2019
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So I have this weird sound coming from the keyboard of my new laptop. At first I thought it was the fans, but they sound like pure white noise from the vents on the bottom. During benchmarks, no weird noise. Only when I start FLstudio and load a project and play it do I get this weird like tiny helicopter/high-speed sputter sound from the keyboard. If I switch between Primary Sound Driver, Focusrite ASIO, and FLStudio ASIO they all give me a differently pitched version of this weird sound. What could possibly be doing this??? Whether or not I use the external or internal sound cards it does it, but only ASIO drivers are in use.

Here is the sound, the white noise is the fans, the audible tickticktick is the driver noise, you can hear it change as I change the drivers, the second half really becomes apparent:

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